The good people at FCKYES.COM approached me to put together a MIXTAPE for the launch of their website, and I said “FCK YES!”

This mix is inspired by the site, itself. A Dead Kid friendly soundtrack for funny shit, babes, and HEAVY BASS. I’m reppin’ the Brooklyn underground hard on this one, while also giving a shout to my new home borough, Queens. Wadup Hollis!



01 Rock Right Now – Gobs The Zombie
02 Listen To The Track Bitch – Cobra Krames
03 Big Brooklyn Bass – AC SLater
+ Brooklyn Anthem (acapella) – Team Shadetek
04 No Sleep Till Brooklyn – The Beastie Boys
05 No Dubs Till Brooklyn – Chris Macro
06 Big Bad Wolf (Toddla T rmx) ((Sabo Edit)) – Duck Sauce
07 Whoa!-Jak (Gobby Zs Jak Be Slowed Moombahcore rmx) – Gobs The Zombie, Mike Dextro, & Proper Villains
08 Zombies Ate My Neighbours – Schoolboy
09 Kids From Queens (Gobby Zs Raccoon City Ghetto edit) – COTN
10 Wildstyle Problems (Lil Scrappy x Bassnectar) – Styles&Complete
11 Hold On Crew Love (Drake ft. The Weeknd x Sub Focus x Jay-Z) – Vivi Diamond


Now go check out the WEBSITE, ya dingus!