Surely, by now, you’ve heard the song, WE ARE YOUNG, by NYC based band, FUN. It’s a #1 hit all over the world. While so many Top 40 groups fail to possess anything artistically worthy of a mention, FUN is definitely a band worth writing about.


This trio, in my opinion, have become the first group to truly perfect the art of POWER POP, riding the line between POP and ROCK, so finely, that their sound can’t be labelled as one or the other. Ofcourse, many other bands have tried, and found success in doing so. Most often, they end up falling too far into Pop sounds, and become a TWEEN ROCK act, filling the airwaves of after school radio play, and appealing only to 12-year-old girls, which naturally puts a very short time span on their careers. By leaning too far on the Rock side, we too often end up with empty, regurgitated garbage, like Nickelback (nuff said), unless the band has more of an experimental flare, in which case, they usually lose their mass appeal, and with it, any chances of seeing a mainstream hit. I’m not alone in this opinion of FUN as the perfect Power Pop group. They have been praised by many professional music critics for their AIM & IGNITE album, while pinpointing exactly what it is that makes FUN’s music so good. Check out some of these accolades…

“…what a pop album ‘should’ sound like” – Drew Beringer,

“investigating the larger truths of life…with a witty approach that keeps the songs bubbling merrily along on a positive note” – Allmusic

“A superbly mixed and arranged album made by musicians who clearly understand the limits and potential of pop music” – Dave de Sylvia, Sputnikmusic

FUN have lived up to the above statements with the release of their SOME NIGHTS album. You all know the first single, but you may not have yet heard the title track. It’s an absolute scorcher, packed with Pop-Rock brilliance. Check out the video for the album’s INTRO below, then go to the WEBSITE for the epic, Civil War themed music vid of Some Nights.


I’m not gonna give the song to you, like I customarily do. This one is worth a PURCHASE, and besides, I think you’re gonna be hearing it plenty in the near future. Instead….

For the DANCE POP enthusiasts (of which this blog’s following is generally comprised), here’s a FREE REMIX that kicks up the grooviness of the original with massive trancey synths and big room percussion. It’s by a 15-year-old, Swedish producer named JAKOB LIEDHOLM, who has been generating a lot of buzz with his shockingly superb productions. Watch out for this kid.

DOWNLOAD: Fun. – Some nights (Jakob Liedholm Arena Mix) (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)




I haven’t been this giddy over a band in a while. Been trying not to show it. Did it work???