Some years ago, a Montreal based University professor created a test to determine levels of tone deafness in an individual. Her studies concluded that 75% of all people are tone deaf. More recent studies on the subject have determined that it’s actually 5% of the population. Whatever the number, there is a good portion of people that are incapable of making music, because they are unable to tell when elements don’t go together. Quite unfortunately, some of these tone deaf people are DJs, and are attempting to make music despite their handicap. I have proof coming up.

Technology is now at a point where making a MASHUP can be an extremely simple thing that takes almost no skill at all, as far as execution is concerned. Many programs will automatically beat match and limit songs, so creating a mash can be as simple as picking 2 jams and clicking a mouse a few times. Due to the mass availability of these technological advances, there has been a recent flux in bad mashups. A vital element that determines a successful Mashing from a failure is that all of the tracks used within are in key with eachother.  A tone deaf person is unable to tell if the keys of various tracks are clashing. Much to my dismay, because such an individual is unable to hear the clash, there is little to stop them from uploading their terrible creation to Soundcloud, and sending it to me.


Below are 2 mashups that clash horribly! Nothing is working and they just sound like chaos. I know both of these tracks are SHITTY. What I can’t decide is WHICH OF THEM IS SHITTIER. So, I’m putting this question towards YOU, the people. Please VOTE for WHICH MASHUP IS WORSE, in DKGL’s first SHITTYNESS SHOWDOWN.







Brutal. Just brutal. VOTE NOW!