Mannik Monday: In Defense of Breakcore

Hey it’s a monday in a month and I’m posting something!

A while back Pete posted a terrible breakcore tune and said something about breakcore being terrible. Well I disagree, to me, breakcore is the truest modern expression of the crazy, off-the-wall, sample-heavy, sometimes tongue-in-cheek , straight-up mental attitude of  proper 92 breakbeat hardcore. I think it’s more of an attitude than a specific style (sort of, shut up), it’s a very nebulous term that covers many different categories of dance music.  Sometimes a breakcore tune is  just a particularly good and choppy jungle tune, sometimes it’s a particularly intense and well made happy hardcore or oldstyle gabber tune, sometimes its nearly house, blah blah blah. Posting a quote from wikipedia about ravemusic is super lame but whatever in this case it says what im trying to pretty well.

One of the most controversial issues in breakcore is that of the mere existence of the genre. Because it pulls liberally from other musical genres, there is not a consensus on what is and what is not breakcore, or even over the usefulness of the term itself. Because of the fragmentation, the breakcore scene is not centered in any one geographical location, but is rather scattered into disparate groups. Perhaps the one place where breakcore’s “voice” can be heard is virtually, through the internet and various online forums.

I wont deny there is terrrible stuff out there, and bad breakcore tends to be worse than bad other stuff because of the nature of the genre. It’s a bit of a tightrope walk to get just the right amount of discord and over-the-topness without it just sound bad. So, yeah. I just think of it as the hardcoriest bits of hardcore, wherever they happen to manifest oh my god blah blah blah house is a feeling and trance is a journey. Shut the fuck up and post some music, idiot.

(btw sorry just youtubes for now, my computer is dead)

Ok first here is one by Shitmat that is just brilliant. I was babbling about how breakcore can be other things too but this is just straight up breakcore.

Here are a couple tunes that fit under the happy hardcore umbrella, first this one by weyheyhey!! A rework of mid 90s breakbeat happy anthem, the name of which I really should know but totally escapes me right now.

Another hhc/breakcore tune by Bong-ra, remix of Brisk & Ham’s On & On

Sometimes in hardcore you sample a song because you like it, but other times there can be more than a hint of irony. I’m not sure in which spirit this Munchi remix of Limp Fucking Bizkit was written, but I sure know which way I’m enjoying it.

Here is Shitmat again with some raggacore aka just good n proper jungle

Ok let’s see I mentioned crossover with house so of course here is some Squire.

Some rrritalin

On the more gabbery side of things here is one of the biggest tunes in the history of hardcore, Turntable Savage.

And one more from the cheeky pop remix / happy hardcore category.

Alright that’s it! Bye!