I’m sure you all know that I’m not really part of the HARDCORE scene anymore, but when I periodically check in on things, it’s always nice to see some fresh faces.


In the modern EDM scene, there are a lot of big egos. It’s almost a crucial trait in the personalities that manage to rise above the masses. The Hardcore scene is one place where a producer can still gain notoriety, while maintaining a humble modesty. This leads me to GANAR. He’s a Glasgow based producer who’s name has been popping up more and more. Check out this excerpt from his bio, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about…

“…i started to get the hang of “Fruity Loops” and my tunes started making a bit of sense. I made the mistake a lot of producers i see now making, and that was.. as soon as i knew how to put a kick, bass and basic riff together i thought my tracks were good enough to be sold and basically made a bad name for myself filling up mp3 stores with none other than “SHIT” tunes.

After a rough patch in what was my fault i started producing again but under the new name “Ganar”. From then on i started to be liked again and my production kept going from strength to strength. I am not by no means saying im good but im a hell of a lot better than i was back then. As a producer the way i see it is, you will never be the best as music changes like technology hence the reason for me picking my name “Ganar” “To Improve” as i feel i will keep improving.”
I could see the humility of this bio actually deterring you from checking out his music, BUT you would be making a mistake by drawing that conclusion. Ganar’s recent productions are top-notch, and he’s been bringing fresh vibes to some very established labels, by daring to let his HHC be infuenced by other genres of upfront EDM.

Check out NEVER LET YOU GO, which is a collab between Ganar, and my homeboy, NOBODY. This tune is driven by dirty, Electro-esque chainsaw synths, with a DRUMSTEP bridge in the second breakdown, but neither occur at the cost of any beauty. The tune still manages to soar with feel good vibes. It’s a wonderful contrast. This tune is almost too good to be offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD, but these gents have done just that.




More HHC like this, please.