Music is changing in big ways, right now, and even though this blog has been around for just under 2 years, there are a lot of tunesfinding their way into my collection that don’t fit into ANY of the established categories. The obvious solution is to make new categories, but it’s not always all that simple. Lemme explain with a song. First, some words on…


A UK producer that established himself in the world of hard DRUM N BASS, before getting in early on the DUBSTEP movement. He was one of the first to inject the DUB rooted genre with double time ROCK drums, and heavy, distorted basslines, significantly changing the sound. We all know how that worked out.

High Rankin is an artist who enjoys living on the edge, and that hasn’t changed over time. He recently offered a FREE DOWNLOAD of exceptional quality, drawing attention to the emerging world of 100 BPM. This tempo is most commonly being referred to as “GLITCH HOP” or just “GLITCH”, but artists are experimenting with slowing down and speeding up all sorts of different genres of EDM to arrive at this under-explored tempo, and many of the results aren’t “glitchy” at all, so for the time being, they go unnamed, as far as genre is concerned. High Rankin’s DAY TO DIE, a collab with vocalist, TIGERLIGHT, finds itself in the 100 bpm realm, but sounds more like MOOMBAHCORE than anything else. Although, 100 bpm has a unique swager to it that makes it difficult to label anything at this speed as Moombah. Simply put, this jam is DOPE! No arguments there. But I’m having a difficult time figuring out where to put it. I suppose, for now, the Moombahcore category is the closest fit, so there it shall go, until I find myself blogging about this stuff enough to warrant it’s own category. Grab the tune. Peep the violent music vid, and then pay a visit to Mr. Rankin.





Genres are stupid, anyways.