I’m nuts about TRAP music. I have been for a while, but I’ve been mulling over where it fits in, here on DKGL. It’s sort of HIP-HOP, sort of DUBSTEP, sort of JUKE, but none of them enough to really fit in. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Trap needs its own category, so now I can finally go crazy with the postings. I hear a lot of moaning and groaning about Trap music, but I think it’s because people aren’t getting exposed to the really good stuff. Like anything new, there’s way more crap being released than quality. So, as per usual, I’m making it my mission to expose the artists that are continually pushing the boundaries of this emerging genre into new territory. That’s what we do here!

This West Coast (Santa Barbara) producer epitomizes all of the elements that make for the trillest Trap. His interests are “high powered lazors, human smoke machines”. His influences are “Bongtokes/Slayer/Unicorns/Blunts”. Add in red meat and BASS, and you now have a good understanding of how the OUT FOR A TRILL EP came to be.

From that EP comes an absolute powerhouse of a Trap jam. ONE IN THE CHAMBER comes straight out of gang land with blazing guns, slowed vocals, foreboding hooks, and stack rattling  bass. This tune continues to build up and up until it climaxes with a massive fall at the end, keeping the power pushing all the way through. This is “certified Trap music”!





Trap headz, hollerrrrrr!