I’m gonna assume that anybody reading this blog understands why GAGNAM STYLE is a shitty song. For anyone with any passion for music, that goes without saying. Okay, fine. It’s a stupid song with a stupid dance to go with it. If you’re cheesy enough to derive enjoyment from it (clearly most human beings are), I won’t hold it against you. But I’ve got beef with any EDM producer who chooses to REMIX it.

There’s a terrible game that club music producers need to play. It, unfortunately, is an important part of widening their fan base. I’m talking about the need for producers to release bootleg remixes of top 40 POP songs. This is a very effective tactic in encouraging people to discover and explore your music by introduction through associating one’s self with a song and/or artist that everyone is familiar with. At the best of times, these bastard pop remixes can transform a cheesy, played out Pop tune into a completely new and wonderful experience. However, at the worst of times, said Pop hits are forced into a genre that is uncomplimentary to the original in every way, and the result is a remix that is worse off than the original overplayed, unimaginative version, if not being just completely unlistenable. I’ve posted many Remixes on DKGL that are prime examples of achievements in bastard Pop remixing, but I’ve never taken the time to post a submission from the opposite end of the spectrum. So here we go…


fed conti


First of all, this isn’t a “DRUMSTEP MASHUP” at all. This is DRUM N BASS. There are key differences. The fact that FED CONTI doesn’t seem to recognize that confuses me. Secondly, and far more importantly, with its aggressive hooks and stabs, there is nothing about modern DnB, as a genre, that goes with the fluffy, sillyness of Gagnam Style in any way. How could forcing that song into this genre be anything but an abomination? I completely understand why FED CONTI decided to make it. To gain attention for his remixes, through the use of the year’s most popular song. Obviously, fans of Gagnam Style don’t have an ear for music, so who cares if this remix sounds carelessly slapped together? And seeing as there probably isn’t another remix of Gagnam Style in the DnB genre, it means plenty of exposure for Fed’s name within that market, without any competition. From a business perspective, these are all sound reasons for this tune to exist. From the perspective of artistic integrity, however, everything about this remix is SAD. Congrats, Mr. Conti. You’ve actually managed to take a terrible song and make it even worse. After hearing your version, a replay of the original would be a relief, in comparison. Atleast it just sounds stupid, as opposed to sounding completely wrong. I’m sure you’ve gained some attention for yourself, amongst the masses of tone-deaf festival goers, but I’m afraid you’ve ostracized yourself from anyone looking for a forward thinking artist to invest their time into.