There’s a virtual pile of amazing MIXTAPES sitting in my downloads folder. Naturally, it was tough to pick which one to feature for the first monthly MIXTAPE MONDAY post. I decided to go with something different from the DKGL norm. The following mix is not only the first HIP HOP set to be featured in the Mixtape category; it’s also the first live set, AND the first to feature an MC. Let’s shake things up!


dj lord

Already recognized, in the competition circuit, as one of the world’s top TURNTABLISTS, DJ LORD rose to fame in 1999, when he was selected to replace TERMINATOR X as the tour DJ for RAP pioneers, PUBLIC ENEMY. Since then he has toured the world multiple times, both with PE and on his own. Clearly, stardom has never gone to his head. Lord still enjoys throwing down at local clubs in his home city, Atlanta, GA, dropping eclectic sets that include Hip Hop, RnB, ELECTRO, HOUSE, and even DRUM N BASS or DUBSTEP.


This mix was recorded live, in August of 2012, at FANTASTIC FRIDAYS, inside MJQ CONCOURSE, in Atlanta, and is hosted by MC D.R.E.S. THA BEATNIK. This is more than just a studio compilation. It’s a live performance, and that has to be taken into consideration, while listening. Live Dj mixes are not always the most listenable. Yes, there are music drop outs, inviting the crowd to sing along. There are unpredictable sudden turns in the mixing, as Lord continually reads the room, selecting purely in the interest of keeping the party energy maximized. And yes, there are breaks in the music flow, called upon by the MC. When you check out a mix like this, you need to put yourself in the right frame of mind. Use that wonderful imagination of yours, and picture yourself surrounded by the sites of a live Hip Hop show, which is just as visual is it is audible. Do this and you will find yourself in Hip Hop heaven, as Lord lays down a set of constantly changing styles, with a multitude of anthems sure to satisfy fans of every different scene, in the wide world of URBAN DANCE MUSIC.



HIGH POINTS: A good MC makes a Huge difference in the overall experience of a live DJ performance. When done right, the MC acts as a conduit between the DJ and the crowd. He is the voice of the people, putting into words the vibes that they’re collectively experiencing, while also maintaining control of the room, and interacting with the crowd, on the DJs behalf. This mix is live Rap the way it was originally intended, which is very different from what the scene has become. In this instance, it’s all about the DJ, and satisfying the crowd, which is something that Lord is renowned for. Recognizing a room filled with people covering a wide age range, and from many different parts of America, Lord drops sing along favourites from every sub-genre, ranging from the 70s, right up to this year’s chart toppers, with plenty of surprise twists in between. BLONDIE, FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, and DAFT PUNK all makes appearances in the mix, sandwiched between Hip Hop giants. Lord takes opportunities to flex his superior Turntablist skills, but does so without forgetting that this is a dance club. He keeps his tricks on beat, and uses recognizable loops, to stay with the theme of this anthem set. Meanwhile, D.R.E.S. encourages the crowd to get vocal, with well timed rapping, classic Hype man shouts, and plenty of singling out individuals, which really personalizes this night of Hip Hop hits. His stopping the music to call out the girl texting on stage, and his hilarious attempts to clear the room, at the end of the night, are highlights of this tape, and I’m so glad Lord had the good sense to include D.R.E.S.’s solo moments in the recording.

LOW POINTS: Now, Lord, I know you’re Oldschool, so I’m not gonna hold it against you, but these days, people don’t have room on their hard drives for your 145.5 mb file. And nobody wants to tie up their band width downloading it either. Atleast not until they’re certain it’s something that they want to keep. Mixtapes need to be streamable, and this one, unfortunately, is not. It’s in your own interest to get this file up on SOUNDCLOUD, to maximize it’s exposure. I’ve done my best, here, to encourage music enthusiasts to invest their time into your mix, but the truth is that most people don’t read this shit. They’ll come to this page, look for a streaming player, and when they don’t see one, they’ll leave. I suppose step 1 would be to get your Soundcloud back online. I noticed that the link on your website and Facebook lead to nothing. Social media is vital, now days, to an artist’s continued success, and I hate to say it but, Lord, you need to keep yours in check. For the same reasons, I guess I won’t bother dwelling on the fact that there’s no TRACKLIST posted either. The lack of information makes this mix a difficult sell, which is a waste, because it’s wonderful.


This is just tough love, y’all. I hope that, if you’ve read up to this point, you’ll take the time to DOWNLOAD the mix.



Now back to plowing through all of the other mixtapes that you guys have sent me. I’m getting to yours. I promise.