This MIXTAPE review is gonna be mighty different from what’s become the standard template, here on DKGL. Change is good, and a special mix deserves a special review.


foi oi oi & what the bleep 2

It’s always interesting how like minded individuals manage to find eachother. FOI OI OI & WHAT THE BLEEP met in 2004, at a DEMF afterparty, when both were fairly new to the Underground Electronic Music scene. I guess chemistry naturally flowed, and collabing became an obvious next step. Being that an annual trip to DEMF was a shared tradition for both of these Ohio residents, they decided to add to that tradition, by creating a mixtape which would be given out during the festival. The FEELINGS FOR DETROIT series was born, and became a feature for the next 5 years. Over time, both of these artists have developed their sounds, as indivuduals. They have also become quite well known, as a duo, for their incredible tag-team sets. Life happens, and people get more and more busy as they grow older. Their annual mix tradition eventually fell to the way side, until they both decided to pick up where they left off, for DEMF 2012. After you hear the resulting mix, you will be so thankful that they did.


foi oi oi & What the bleep

Normally, I write my own overview of a featured mix. In this case, however, the artists have done such an impeccable job at their own description, that I’m just gonna paste their own words. READ IT before you listen. It’ll get you more pumped and excited for what you’re about to hear…

… “Ragga jungle” is the most accurate label used to describe what they play – as they are junglists that lean toward reggae-influenced styles – but they truthfully are not bound by any specific genre. Instead, their focus is on a positive bass music experience with undertones of ragga and dubwise. Their mindfulness of a dancefloor’s needs is reflected in their diverse selection of drum & bass, juke, footwork, roots dubstep, dub reggae, dancehall, and more. … This year’s CD release took on a new greatly-refined form, fluidly transitioning through a surprising multiplicity of sound…




01. DJ Vocoda – Semi-Automatic – Labelless Records (forthcoming)
02. DJ L.A.B. – The Other Side – Paranoid Recordings
03. Bladerunner – Leave Dem Alone – Dread Recordings
04. DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) – Streetlife
05. Ed Solo & Deekline – Top Rankin – Jungle Cakes
06. Isaac Maya – Ambition – Socsub
07. Freestyle – Don’t Stop the Rock (Mike G & Leukos Edit) – Seismic Imports
— Krome & Time – The License (Phillip D Kick’s Footwork Edit) – (unreleased)
08. Chrissy Murderbot – Braaain – Planet Mu
09. Tribe of Issachar – Junglist (foi oi oi Remix) – (unreleased)
10. Shy FX & T-Power – Feelings (Instrumental) – Digital Soundboy
11. Visionary feat. D.Suade & RNR – Change – Digital Soundboy
12. LV feat. Dandelion – CCTV – Hyperdub
13. Mala – In Luv – (unreleased)
14. Skream – Irie – Soul Jazz Records
15. Marcus Visionary – Mabaruma – Liondub International
16. Mosca – Tilt Shift – Fat City
17. MC Zulu & LionDub – Talk Dutty – Perception 2020
18. Busy Signal – Cool Baby (Poirier Remix) – Ninja Tune
19. Vibes & Wishdokta – Sweetest Love (Machinedrum Edit) – (unreleased)
20. Julio Bashmore – The Horn That Time Forgot (foi oi oi Remix) – (unreleased)
21. Zombie Disco Squad – The Dance (Ages Bootleg) – (unreleased)
22. Remarc – R.I.P. (Phillip D Kick’s Footwork Jungle Edit) – (unreleased)
23. FIS-T – Night Hunter (Slick Shoota Juke Remix) – B.YRSLF division
24. Goldstar & Zero G – Skin Out – Liondub International
25. Digital – Fool Bwoy – Shee Been Records
26. Bay B Kane – The Original – (unreleased)
27. DJ L.A.B. – Planted By Water – Labelless Records (forthcoming)
28. 45 Thieves & Amnesty – Right Now – Conquest Recordings
29. Dubmatix feat. The Ragga Twins – Gun Down – Echo Beach
30. Dubdelight – What She Wants – StrikeBack Records (forthcoming)
31. Ramadanman – Glut – Hemlock Recordings
32. Chrissy Murderbot feat. MC Zulu – The Vibe Is So Right (Ghosts On Tape Remix) – Planet Mu
33. Athena – Serseri Dub (Flatliners “King Fifi” Rework) – (unreleased)
34. Claude VonStroke – Aundy (James Zabiela’s Mad For Marky’s Mix Mash-Up) – (unreleased)
35. J Dilla – King (Sinistarr Remix) – (unreleased)
36. DJ Marky & S.P.Y. – Last Night – Innerground Records
37. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Calibre Remix) – Polydor
— Excerpt from The Great Dictator



HIGH POINTS: Again, I would normally write my own delightful impressions here, but Bleep & Foi have already collected a couple of quotes that express my sentiments exactly. I think it’s utterly pointless to write something simply for the sake of rewording another’s thoughts, so I’m gonna just paste said comments which, frankly, are written more eliquently than I would have done it…

“… It’s hard to rock a single genre mixtape these days, but it’s not a concern for this eclectic duo. The diverse vibes span from the jittiest of juke to the chillest of dancehall to the wettest of jungle, but Water Sound succeeds in lacing the mix together with all things Dub. After getting drenched with liquid love from this mix, don’t be surprised to see a set of natties on your dome when you check your head in the mirror. … There’s no fancy footwork required to have Feelings for Detroit, but it’s difficult not to dance even if you’re driving down Woodward!” – Alex Isotalo of TRIPDUBZ

“How can a DJ mix be both seductive yet aggressive? Nostalgic yet progressive? Traditional yet unique? The answer lies in foi oi oi & What The Bleep’s ‘Feelings For Detroit vol. 6 Water Sound’. This mix reminds me of all the reasons I fell in love with Ragga Jungle and continue to love it today! Its duality is the key to its effectiveness. Those warm melodic valleys make the lofty, percussive, bass heavy peaks seem even higher. It’s the dramatic build to the crescendo that makes this mix so powerful. … Most definitely not your garden variety mix of “Jungle hits” you hear regurgitated time and time again. The intellect, passion, talent and knowledge it took to create a mix of this caliber is a rare and beautiful thing. Something that will make this mix relevant and important now and 20 years from now.” – THE STRANGER

In addition, I NEED to express my love for the end of this mix. Going out with THE GREATEST SPEECH EVER MADE (the single most important thing on the entire internet), on top of everything else that happens in this unprecedented, 80 min experience, leaves me teary eyed, satisfied, and filled with hope and an urge to change the world. How often does a musical compilation evoke such emotions? This one is very special.

LOW POINTS: It almost feels wrong to write anything negative about this mix. Never the less, there is always room for improvement, so against my better judgements, I’m gonna show you just how anal I can be…

Many would say that selecting is the most important aspect of the DJing process. Ofcourse, it’s an extremely subjective thing. It is completely open for disagreement, but I feel Bleep & Foi got the track order wrong in a couple of spots. Naturally, when creating a mix, you want it to flow as well as possible, both for the uninterrupted enjoyment of the listener, and to demonstrate your skill, as a master of your craft, in the ability to maintain that flow. When dealing with a multi-genre set, such as this, it becomes ever more important, because a change of genre creates a natural barrier for the flow that you are trying to maintain.

At 11:07, we hear the mix transition from JUNGLE to FOOTWORK, via a beatboxing sample. It’s a well done transition, on it’s own. But the track that follows contains elements of Jungle, and is, in fact, a REMIX of a classic DRUM N BASS anthem. It seems obvious, to me, that said remix would be used to create a seemless blending of the 2 styles that would go unnoticed by many listeners, but would continue to build the energy of this mix, instead of haulting it so early in.

An identical situation occurs at 35:51, where a JUNGLE heavy edit of VIBES & WISHDOKTA’s SWEETEST LOVE sits on its own, between 2 very different sounding selections. Why was it not combined with the similarily chopped up BREAKS, and OLDSCHOOL feel of  PHILLIP D KICK’S R.I.P. edit; and replaced by ZOMBIES DISCO SQUAD’s THE DANCE? It would have been the perfect compliment to the dripping water sounds used as a trasition device.

There’s perfection, and the there’s PERFECTION. With the above criticism in mind, this mix is one of the closest to achieving the caps lock version of the word that I have ever heard 🙂



Any DJ duos out there that feel up to the task of surpassing this mix in greatness? You’ve got your work cut out for you.