Oh, you thought I was gonna do some sort of V Day post? Fuck Valentines Day! Watch this.


A remix of this meme in most genres of EDM would cause me to grown. But a HAPPY HARDCORE REMIX is almost guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Cheesy HHC rips of popular tunes often come under fire for causing the Hardcore scene to look like a joke in the eyes of outsiders. The makers of these claims are making the mistake of taking Hardcore too seriously. It is a musical genre that contains a spirit of whimsy at its core. Hardcore enthusiasts tend to be the kind of people who find value in things that are camp and kitsch. This is not to say that Hardcore can’t be uplifting, and transcending. Ofcourse it can. But at the same time, HHC is able to get away with a level of cheesiness that normally just comes off as a complete piss take.With that in mind, pump and enjoy the below REMIX.


It’s by a French producer, named MAX DOUET, who is an interesting character. He has adapted the oldschool practice of producing many different styles of music, under many different names. This used to be common place, amongst EDM producers. Nowadays, artists are fairly free to explore different genres while still maintaining the same moniker. There are few artists, however, that produce as wide a variety of styles as Max. He makes TRAP, DUBSTEP, DRUMSTEP, DRUM N BASS, HANDS UP!, MOOMBAHTON,  ELECTRO, and even the occasional ACOUSTIC BALLAD. Every style is produced under a different name. As you can see above, he makes HHC remixes as LUSH.




max douet (Lush)