My MADE BY WORMZ partner, ROCCO FERRER has been gorillas about an ELECTRO jam, and his enthusiasm towards it has really got me on board.



There has been a fluorishing of amazing EDM artists coming out of South Africa as of late, and at the top of everyones “who to watch” lists is HAEZER. He’s a man on a mission, touring the globe and spreading the message, “Commercial music is dead”. His dedication to supporting the conquering rise of underground EDM has already led to him being declared one of South Africa’s top DJs, aswell as an EP release on the prestigious DIM MAK record label. At this point, he could already sit back and just ride out the popularity gained from his achievements, but Haezer seems to have big plans and much work to do. I think we’re gonna be hearing and seeing a lot more from him.

Haezer is very in to collaborating with vocalists. The song that’s got me & Rocco rage facing features the beautiful voice of CIRCE. It’s called STARS, and it contains the light & pretty/dark & ugly duality that we love to hear in a musical composition. While most tunes of this nature switch back and forth between the two opposing themes, Haezer manages to intertwine them, without it sounding clashy. A crowning achievement in the further evolution of filthy dance music. With all of its grit, and punk aesthetic, we’re declaring this tune to be CERTIFIED #JUNK! Stream it or watch it, then grab the free download, you lucky individual.



DOWNLOAD: Haezer ft. Circe – Stars (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)




He may be a lazy piece of crap, but Rocco’s got some good taste in music.