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No guest host this month. Halloween is MY day, and I need the full hour to do my thang. Get ready for a full set of Halloween themed EDM. A bunch of old favourites combined with the hot new essentials for this year’s Zombie season!



00:00 Zombie – Mr Tickles

02:12 Jack It Like A Zombie (Nom De Strip Remix) – TheBulgarian ft Spoek

04:13 Jack It Like A Zombie (Adam Bozzetto remix) – The Bulgarian ft Spoek #JUNK!

06:04 Jack It Like A Zombie (HULK remix) – TheBulgarian ft Spoek

07:32 Zombie – Point Blank

09:32 Breakfast (Kill The Noise Remix) – Le Le

11:46 Valac – roeVy

13:02 Zombie Walk – Killer On The Dancefloor ft Dada Attack

14:39 Braineaters (Nic Von Tribe Tasty Brain remix) – Skoof

16:23 Return Of The Living Dead (Zombies 2) – Herve

18:19 Zombies – Herve

19:52 Night Of The Dead – Michael White

21:36 Zombie (Fuck All Night Fuck All Day) (club mix) – DJ Absinth

23:20 Monster Mash – The Socialytes

25:49 Zombie Love – Majic Palmer

27:50 Zombie Lady – Minitel Rose

29:27 Cheerleader from Hell – Melody Joy

30:38 ZOMBIES! – Designer Drugs

32:26 Deadhouse (Falkirk Remix) – Dead CAT Bounce ft A Girl & A Gun

35:05 Zombies Zombies – Michael K *

36:20 MOSITIF – Mr Oizo

38:27 Zombies (HeavyFeet remix) – Nick Thayer

40:22 Lick My Antidote (Mord Fustang x Knife Party vs Swedish House Mafia) – Retox

43:55 Antidote (Disco Fries Bootleg)

46:27 It’s Alive – Tim Jirgenson

48:32 Zombieland – Argento

53:47 Zombie – Juggernaut

56:02 Honest Zombie – Nesono **FEATURED ARTIST**

58:20 Thriller (Scooter’s Big Room Bootleg) – Michael Jackson



Named after the Xhosa word for “sinful” , its all about the kind of asses you see on the streets of Cape Town. Skanky, hot, fat, nasty – all shapes, sizes and flavours thrown into the mix and distilled into an intoxicating blend of beats, bass and dirty rhythms.
Everything from kwaito-step and dancehall dub to electro breaks is represented in a journey of unexpected ass-shaking that`ll tear the corrugated iron roof right off and rain filth and trash all over your head. You`ll feel better than a politician!
As always in South Africa, showering afterward is recommended but optional. 

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween pre-game, dropping dimes at an after-party, or headlining on the big stage, ZOMBIES (HONEST ZOMBIE) is an essential ingredient in your night of costumed partying. That goes for DJs, and ragers alike.

DOWNLOAD: Nesono – Zombies (Honest Zombie) (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)




*Michael K – Zombies Zombies Translated from German to English…

zombies, zombies … I never would have thought … slaves to freedom … under my own roof … zombies , zombies ….Always work without money ….are already quite a lot here … on this sick world …..hear how the devil laughs… have led me to drop …. the rich …(don’t F@#$%^G know D:) …. zombies, zombies … I never would have thought …. slaves to freedom … under my own roof … zombies , zombies …I will never be this …eternally dead until…it is strange and alone

Thank you, Patrick Danters for the translation.


** The beat up, 20-year-old mixer used to record this episode

*** My new Zombie Snap-back (



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