Hitting It Hard In The Summer With NG Rezonance by Tamerax

HARD TRANCEHard Dance is REALLY blowing up in North America these days.  Hardstyle in particular seems to be really developing a massive following here with big names making tour stops on this side of the pond regularly and massive events like Basscon and Q-Dance happening regularly. I’m preparing a full article on this for sometime soon as there is a lot to talk about. I personally have some hope for hard trance to one day because AS popular (because really, trance these days is kinda boring a seriously needs a kick in the ass) because it has all the energy people are craving these days.    The best I can do right now is to keep pushing the sound everywhere I go.

Now that being said, I want to bring to everyone’s attention a hard trance artist that has quickly risen to be in my top 3 producers of the last couple of years and has joined the likes of Technikal and Rodi Style in my books. NG Rezonance is a Scottish born hard trance producer who has been making tracks for a numbers of years but in the couple of years, it seems like his output has tripled. Usually with artists, this can leads to having tons of tracks out there but they will all end up sounding the same. For NG Rezonance, he has managed to keeps his tunes sounding fresh and fun. One of the most interesting aspects of some of his more recent productions is that along with a huge epic riffs you would expect in modern hard trance, there are very distinct oldschool elements coming through. It’s no wonder this profilic artist can be found collaborating with some of the best in business like Technikal, Costa Pantazis, Guyver and Criostasis.

Listen to this tune and you will instantly here to the very distinct oldschool NU NRG / Hard House sound that was massively popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s (think Captain Tinrib style).

Or maybe you want something more like a straight up big room melodic banger

If you like your tunes on the faster side, be sure to check out his UK Hardcore version of his massive tunes, Liberation and Parallax.

Want a funky free tune from this amazing producer? Just click on the download button!


If you like what you hear, be sure to check out my latest hard trance mix, Kiking It Hard Part 1. Over an hour of amazing epic riffs and massive basslines featuring artists like  NG Rezonance and more! Also check out my own facebook page! Once it reaches 1000 likes, I’ll be releasing part 2!