This month’s theme is “That was interesting”. If you think DAB has been boundary pushing in the past, wait til you hear what I’ve got planned for this one. I might even take it too far. Hahaaaa. We’ll see what happens

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– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:00 01 Things Fall Apart – Zomby

02:36 That Was In – Subject Lost

04:25 Unison (Tracy Music Remix) – Ben Mono & Lars Moston

06:01 Dancing Together – Critical Mass

08:28 Ard N Nasty Vol 1A (Bohemian Rhapsody) – Anon

10:05 Bootlegger Rhapsody – ToTom

11:09 Bohemian Trapsody – Danny Diggz

13:40 The Force (Branchez remix) – Tokimonsta ft Kool Keith

15:16 Platinum – Akka & Taz

16:51 In The VIP – Marcus Visionary & Satori

18:44 Skeleton Key (Vass Remix) – Pleasurekraft ft Green Velvet

20:13 Bish Bash Bosh – Sanxion

22:37 Back II The Break – Gold

25:15 Work The Love – Rain City Riot

26:55 This Revolution Is Live – The King Regards

29:03 Pump The Volume – Zombie Disco Squad

30:48 Pump Up The Volume – M/A/R/R/S

32:23 Money – Flying Lizards

34:35 The Money Song (Hard Fi x Jay-Z x Abba x RHCP x Flying Lizards – Team9

36:22 Money – 50 Cent

37:37 Money Party (Ricky Vaughn Remix) – Kat Dahlia *

39:51 Hold On We’re Going Home (Phat Deuce 110 Edit) – Drake ft Majid Jordan

42:08 Burn Up  – Smokin Guns

44:25 High Priced (Carbon Bass Glitch Hop Remix) – Kwest

46:16 High Priced (BMV’s Dubstep & Taxes Remix) – Kwest

47:47 The Legend of Zelda – Katsuo **

49:32 Triforce~ – Noms

51:56 MTI – Korless

53:18 NWYRK – Kuhn

54:43 Rush (Lenkemz Remix) – Doorly ft Soraya Vivian — FEATURED ARTIST  —




If this guy is as insane as his music, he might be an unpleasant person to be around. Hahaaaa. Seriously tho, the amount of busy detail that goes into his productions really makes them stand out. If you hear a FOOTWORK track that makes you say “Oh my gawwwd!”, there’s a good chance it’s one of his. Way ahead of his time, LENKEMZ continues to push the boundaries of Bass music forward into a wonderfully oddball future. His transformation of DOORLY’S RUSH is nothing short of brilliant. Grab it below.

DOWNLOAD: Rush (Lenkemz Remix) – Doorly ft Soraya Vivian (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)




* Da money!


** Easily in the top 5 greatest video game themes. It still sounds great today.


Can’t wait to do it again! The next episode of DEAD AIR BASS will air Weds, Jan 1st, 3-4pm EST, on