DEAD AIR BASS 010 (BEST OF 2013!!!) ((JANUARY 2014))

Take an hour out of you New Year’s Day to join me in running down THE best in BASS music from the year, 2013. At least we’ll have some killer tunes to pump while we nurse our hangovers, and we won’t have to suffer alone.

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– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:00 Birthday Song (Sazon Booya Remix) – Chainz ft Kanye West

02:21 Bird Brain – Bro Safari & UFO!

04:48 Acid Youths – David Heartbreak & Simon Sayz

06:48 Molly Drip – Drips

08:13 The Tempest – Sirkus Sirkuz vs March Against ft Wyldling *

09:28 2-Cycle – Louisiana Jones

10:59 Drop That B (Astronomar Untrapped Edit) – Salva

13:15 Let Me Bang – Salva & Brenmar

14:47 Go Girl, I’ll House You (Wax Museum Reverse Mashup) – Pitbull x Jungle Brothers

16:35 Call Me A Hole – PomDeter

17:28 World Rulin’ – Codes

21:04 Made To Love – Melody Joy

23:16 Infection – Bitchiller

25:37 Slayer – Mizer & Goetz

27:30 I’m Different (Enferno Remix) – 2 Chainz

29:06 El Pollo – Sazon Booya

30:51 La Vida Es Duro – Ricky Vaughn & Kid Cedek

33:01 Zombie (Lady Dubbz Remix) – Jakka-B **

34:48 Rave Droid – Stolzenbach ***

37:18 Cool Without You (Bird Peterson Remix) – Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries ft Kid Sister

39:34 Sweet Shop (Big Makk’s Trap Shop Bootleg) – Doctor P

40:37 Decisions (We Bang JOGTHETRVP Edit) – Borgore

42:39 Let Me Eat Your Face – The 40Oz Profits

44:22 Zombie – Blok Boyz — FEATURED ARTIST —

45:49 Infection – Judah

47:54 More Zombie Than Zombie (VIP) – Tommy Creep

49:25 Evil Dead – Syanide

50:53 Smoke Two Joints (Terravita Remix) – The Toyes ****

54:10 New Year’s Day (Unreleased Live) – Bedouin Soundclash



Blok Boyz


Produced by PHILLY STREET BASS ambassador, DEV79, the debut album from BLOK BOYZ, titled BASS: BRANDING A SERIOUS SITUATION, contains something that, otherwise, seemed to be lost in the HIP HOP of 2013, that being catchy, memorable, forward thinking beats! With one foot planted firmly in the hood, Blok Boyz boldly push Hip Hop into the future. A fitting act to spend your New Year’s Day exploring, for sure.




* What an amazing year 2013 was for 9G RECORDS!

9g records

** Click HERE for a far more accurate description of what HARDCORE is all about.


*** GOBBY’S HANGOVER CURE (I’ve had a few)…

1. Sleep: Get a good long session in

2. Water: pound back as much of it as possible

3. Food: Fill your belly with bready edibles,

4. Exercise: Sweat out all the toxins with a 30 min run, or hit the weights.

5. Porn!: Trust me, it helps immensely.


**** Don’t miss out on my 2013 TOP 10 LIST, going up on January 2nd.


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