Slip into your exercise attire, and get ready to work that MF!

L-VIS 1990

I was first exposed to this UK born New Yorker in 2009, and he very quickly became my favourite artist, for a while. His music was a fusion of GARAGE and TROPICAL BASS executed in a way that was uniquely his. I was blown away. Over the years, as a producer, and CEO of the inimitable NIGHT SLUGS label, L-Vis’ s focus moved towards the sounds of CLASSIC HOUSE. This love affair would saturate his music ever more and more, until finally leading up to a new project, launched in 2013. DANCE SYSTEM still has early House at it’s core, but with a focus on the BOOTY side of things, taking plenty of influence from Detroit GHETTO-TEK. While the productions under his L-VIS 1990 moniker have become progressively deeper and more introspective, the focus of Dance System is souly on making you shake that ass!



l-vis 1990 1d
This is more than a MIXTAPE. It’s an experience, that can get physical! L-Vis has structured the mix as the soundtrack to an aerobic workout, complete with a disembodied instructor, who periodically motivates you to push harder. That’s just the audio. The mix is accompanied by a animated and INTERACTIVE WORKOUT VIDEO, which is hosted by DIS MAGAZINE. You can passively watch and listen, or get involved and feel the burn! But before you go pumping this one during your office yoga session, be warned, it IS a booty mix, and it gets quite dirty.


Dance System – DS Theme
The Artist Formerly Known As 19.454. – Spadesdance S&T RMX (Space That Dub mix)
DJ Slugo – That’s It
DMC Project – FoolinAround
Paul Johnson – Not Normal
Eric Martin – Fuck That Shit Up
Vice – Leave a Mesaage
Skyman – Focus
Dance Works – Bring Da Funk
DJ Deeon – Giggabytes
Donieus – Snap
DJ Deeon – Freaks
Jamin Gerald – Erk-n-Jerk
Mister Ries – Get freaky
Bios – G’veet
Database – Track
Waxmaster – Get The Fuck Uk
DJ Godfather – Booty Peculate


HIGH POINTS: I just love the idea of this thing! If I was asked to put together a workout mix, “BOOTY HOUSE” probably wouldn’t occur to me, but it goes so perfectly. Is there any musical genre that compels you to work dat ass better than this stuff? I think not. And while a straight forward exercise mix might have an unavoidable air of douchiness, the over sexualized nature of the music (and the host), make it all so superbly tongue-in-cheek, but without losing its functionality. Sarcastic or not, this mix really does make a great workout soundtrack.

LOW POINTS: By the 10 min mark, we have been listening to an instrumental for over 2 minutes. Isn’t this section an obvious opportunity for some of that motivation from our computer generated host? I guess the underlying track didn’t inspire any words, but it’s definitely a bit of a shame. Some more of that cardio count off, or amusing forward advances really would have played out strong in this section, especially considering that the rest of this mix is lyrically driven almost start to finish. Not that it was unenjoyable, by any means. It just could have been more enjoyable, without too much effort from it’s illustrious creator.

If you <3 this mix, you should probably peep the DANCE SYSTEM EP.



I hope he makes some more of these. My booty won’t stop percolating.