This is going to be a very different MIXTAPE review because, unlike every other mix found on this site, there is no artistic intention behind it. The DJ responsible for this “continuous DJ mix” is not even credited. I can’t tell you about who made it, or why, or say anything of the style in which the tunes were selected or blended. So why am I reviewing it? Simply because the ELECTRO HOUSE selections heard within this mix are exceptionally good.


tunes to lose your sh!t to!

It comes with a COMPILATION of DJ friendly Electro tracks, and all songs in the mix, are available, in full, as part of the comp. The purpose of the mix is not artistic, but mechanical. It’s an effortless way to listen to the music in the comp, without gaps, or boring in/out percussion. It’s an added incentive to buy. It’s a great idea, especially in this case. If you’re a fan of Electro House, you ARE going to love this mix. It’s 53 minutes of filthy synth lines, huge drums, and compelling vocals. Each song has it’s own unique personality, and they all culminate together, to arrive at a mixtape that is like candy for your ears, and fire for your ass. Hold on to your “sh!t”, cuz you’re most likely going to lose it. Hahaaaa.

DOWNLOAD: Tunes To Lose Your Sh!t To! (Continuous DJ Mix 2) (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)




HIGH POINTS: Well, I think it’s fairly obvious what my high points are gonna be centered around, for this one. It’s all about the music. How do I put this without just reiterating? A lot of the skills necessary to construct a good mixtape are the same skills involved in compiling a good album. The selecting is THE most important part. What songs to play and what order to play them in. On this comp, just as in this mix, we get such a wonderfully wide variety of different approaches to peak hour EDM. From the first drop, the music demands your attention, and while the blending is flawless, the change in tracks are obvious because each songs stands out with it’s own structure. Just as important as it is for each track to shine, they must all share something in common. In this case, each tune is well produced, and every one is a banger. That is, it contains a catchy, memorable hook, and infectious groove that entertains the ears, and encourages the body to move. This truly is “music to lose your sh!t to”.

LOW POINTS: If the purpose of this mix is to provide an effortless way to listen to the music in the comp, without gaps, or in/out percussion, then allowing the tracks to run into said percussion would render that purpose void, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens on 2 occasions. One is at 18 mins, and the other at 28 mins. This mixtape’s creator may be anonymous, but it was put together by somebody, and an important part of their job, as is the job of all DJs, was to ensure that the mix doesn’t get boring at any point. Being able to make that call is one that a machine could never do, and it’s one of the only things that makes human involvement necessary in the production of a mixtape. Without that crucial ability to keep the music interesting and moving along, we might as well just be dancing to an iTunes play list.

Now, of course, I’m being a bit harsh, for the sake of making a point. I’m only talking about 1 minute of time, combined, in an otherwise completely enjoyable musical ride, that did, indeed, cause me to lose my sh!t at multiple moments.

Great success!