Looks like it’s officially a yearly tradition. I’m getting you ready, early, for your annual 4/20 celebrations, with a full hour of stoner themed bass bombs. I know, smokers don’t do anything early, but trust me, it’ll be worth it. Make sure you’ve got a couple of blunts rolled for this one.

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– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:17 Higher – Hayze

01:59 Clean Up Me Herbs – Reddman UK

03:16 I Don’t Hide My Ganja – Blend Mishkin ft. Leah Rosier

04:13 Roll It Up – Jessie James

05:43 Kush Morning – Bobby Hustle

07:02 Smoker – RDX Dreadsquad

08:37 Gimme D Weed – Natural Black

09:44 Weed Nights – ZJ Chrome ft. Wayne Marshall

11:37 We Smokin’ – Jah Malo

13:11 Weed – K-Scar

14:29 Gal Dem Love The Blunt – G Blunt

15:54 Herbalists Vocal Up – Sandwich Island Bass ft. Little Freddy

17:29 Blaze (Mosh Up) – Ricky Vaughn

19:46 Amnesia Haze – Jamrock

20:44 Pop it like it’s Hot – Louisiana Jones

22:39 Vic’s Vapor – Misk

23:59  Smoke & Mirrors – Ricky Vaughn

25:02 Smoker Shake Oh My (Joker Smoker Remix) – Aidonia x Major Lazer x Party Squad x Baauer x Gachapan

27:14 Rock The Disco – Erbalist

29:18 All Ganja Man – Aliman

30:00 Ganjaman – Dubclub DJ’s

31:04 Ganja Dadda (Marcus Visionary remix) – Subtifuge ft. Mr Williamz

32:29 Ganja Dadda (J-Bostron Remix) – Subtifuge ft. Mr Williamz

33:54 I Got 5 On It – Rory Lyons ft. Utah Saints

35:43 5 On This – Funk You Very Much

37:45 Hold The Light – Rotten Ralphie & Ricky Vaughn

39:34 Lightaz (Rasmus Dubois remix) – Ricky Blaze

40:58 Lightaz (Dans Kitchen remix) – Ricky Blaze

42:27 Lizard (Banginclude Edit) – Will Bailey

43:52 MI-6 (prod. by GxWay) – Notoriety

45:14 Smoke Again – Chance The Rapper ft. Ab-Soul

46:20 420 For Lyfe – Sortahuman ft. Dizzy D

48:11 Sensi-glavi – Kappah

49:26 Smoke This – Sirkit

50:59 Light Up – Grigovor Bashment

52:13 Pass Da Herb – Stizreth

53:16 Fyah Up – Cultivation ft. Baxtak

54:55 Legalize It  (Peter Tosh x Sublime) – Lance Herbstrong

56:29 I Got That Weed – knight Blade — FEATURED ARTIST —



Knight Blade

A New York based band that blends hip hop with rock in a crazy reggae dancehall stylee.

This jam is a “bud-friendly, catchy-like-a-flu-bug, chant-along anthem.” – EGO TRIP

Well put! And that music vid is delightfully low budget. Get at it!

DOWNLOAD: Jah Bami & Knight Blade – I Got That Weed (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)


Can’t wait to do it again! The next episode of DEAD AIR BASS will air Weds, May 7th, 3-4pm EST, on