I’m not gonna lie. A great way to get your mix reviewed on DKGL is to drop a tune involving yours truly, ol’ GOBS. Ofcourse, my tunes have been dropped in some pretty stinky mixes. It still needs to be good enough to sit amongst all of the exceptional tapes that have appeared here, over the years. WAX HANDS has met both criteria impeccably, so here he is.



wax hands 1a

South East England based producer, WAX HANDS, has spent the past few years encompassing many different elements of electronic music, from pounding tech, to hands in the air progressive and deep, grooving house, with many of his releases garnering support from industry heavy hitters. After the release of his debut album, SUITABLE COMPANY, he has found himself headlining festivals and events across the UK and further afield, allowing him to perform his ever evolving live show to receptive crowds. With a string of forthcoming releases, and an ever growing fan base, 2014 is going to be a busy year!


LIVE AT PACHA 8/2/2014

wax hands 1d

A live recording of Wax Hands’ set, during the wicked LIKE MINDED party at Pacha, in London.

If the above description is too lack luster to be compelling, than I simply have one question for you: Do you enjoy BIG ROOM PROGRESSIVE HOUSE? Answer yes, and I can say, with confidence, that you will greatly enjoy what this mix has to offer.


1. New Beginnings intro
2. Wax Hands – Way Down (Rumevari remix)
3 Wax Hands – Spatial Awareness
4. Wax Hands – Cloak and dagger
5. Wax Hands – Honeydew
6. Wax hands – Turn your phone off Trev
7. Sirkus Sirkuz v Nitemode – Ravival
8. Miss C and Gobs – Lollipop skank (Wax Hands remix)
9. Wax Hands – Hope high level
10. Detune v Wax hands – Civilised
11. Sirkus Sirkuz v Wax Hands – Acid Elephant
12. The Crystal Method – Keep hope alive (Wax Hands remix)
13. ACDC – Thunderstruck



HIGH POINTS: This is such a fantastic example of exactly what a producers set should sound like. Naturally, it should be flawlessly mixed, with complimentary selecting and compelling dance music, tuned to fit the needs of the crowd. That’s all obvious. We just call that DJing, and the set wouldn’t be posted here, at all, if it didn’t meet that basic criteria. Take a look at the track list and you’ll see exactly where Wax Hands has excelled beyond the basics. This hour of music is almost entirely made up of original productions, by Wax Hands, himself. We still get taken on a wonderful musical journey, as the set morphs through different styles, showcasing the versatility of his producing, but the entire set is binded by a glue that is his own style, which shines through beautifully, giving the set, as a whole, its own personality, and making it one that is uniquely Wax Hands. I’m always flabergasted when I hear producers drop DJ sets that are void of their own productions. So let’s have this Wax Hands mix serve as an educational tool for how you SHOULD be doing it. We have a variety of productions, both released and forthcoming. Spot on! The songs that are not made by the DJ should be ones that compliment the DJs productions, OR were made by friends and colleagues of his. In this case, the only non Wax Hands tune in the set involves SIRKUS SIRKUZ, whom WH has collabed with, as we discover later in the mix. Perfect again! We start with some more adventurous experiments, and progressively move into familar dancefloor movers, ending with something kitsch, memorable, and fun. The AC/DC drop is the perfect little twist ending. Wax Hands, you really know what you’re doing here.

LOW POINTS: Let me preface this by saying that Im not about to present what you would call a “flaw”. More so, it’s a feeling that I get,  and a point of confusion, which really is up for discussion. From around 14 mins to about 20, there’s a change in the vibe of this mix. Wax Hands did a wonderful job of moving, dynamically, in and out of this attitude change, and he’s not the first DJ I’ve heard do a similar thing. Basically, we hear him go from DEEP House, into instrumental Tech sounds, which, after 20 mins, becomes big and progressive, and that’s where we stay for the rest of the hour. What confuses me is the change in vibe. For the majority, this set contains songs that speak out, and demand your attention, with white noise blasts, and bleeps, and drops, strong melodies, and vocal hooks. But in the more techy section, the percussive, rhythmic tracks seem to convey the attitude, “this music is here. You can dance to it if you want, or you can grab a drink, or carry on a conversation. Whatever. It’s all good”. Does that make sense? Or do I come off as complete mentalist right now? Maybe anal prick? Anyways, for someone who studies mixing, as an art, I’m confused by how these 2 vibes relate to eachother. They seem like opposites to me, and while I see the value in both attitudes, I cant help feeling that, in a 1 hour set, it really would be better to choose one direction or the other. If nothing else, the larger sounds end up overpowering the more chilled stuff, creating a hole in the mix that can be, dare I say, boring, when it really shouldn’t be. The tunes are not boring at all. Still, in this case, as I said, Wax Hands did such a great job of moving the set through these different vibes, that part of me feels like I must be wrong. Take it with a grain of salt, I suppose.





It’s time I planned another trip to London.