I’m so thrilled that I got asked to guest on the PODCAST of my old raver buddies, TORONTO HARDCORE RADIO.

toronto hardcore radio

It was mighty flattering being referred to as an “OLDSCHOOL legend”. I got to be on the other side of an interview, for once, and talk about stuff like accidentally becoming a RAVE MC, and getting completely wasted before my first official set, at WEMF.

Most of all, it was great to drop a mix of tunes by a bunch of the HARD DANCE producers that I really admire. I’m even lucky enough to call some of them friends.

The INTERVIEW starts @ 1:03:55, and GUEST MIX begins @ 1:11:48, but you shouldn’t miss out on all the goodness dropped by the show’s hosts, TEMPEST, XPHOX, & FRAKTL, so give the whole thing a play through, will ya?



01 Tell Me The Way (Sc@r Rmx) – Capella
02 Touch The Sky – Ramos & Punch & Protocol
03 Touch The Sky – DJ Dougal
04 Its Not Over – Seduction & Dougal
05 DBL1 – DBL
06 Oddz & Endz (Powerstomp Mix) – Alex BassJunkie & Riche
07 Speak Out – Flakee
08 The New Style – Bishop vs Tom Revolution
09 New Style – Joey Riot
10 Me & You – Nefti
11 Need U More (extended VIP) – Jakazid
12 Need U More (Darwin remix) – Jakazid
13 Dont Wanna Sleep – Okidam
14 Come Again – RedMoon DeeJay
15 Hold Yuh – Swiss T & Sparkle


While you’re here, how ’bout a FREE CHOON?!?!


redmoon deejay

REDMOON is a bit of an anomaly. He’s based in Singapore, and is completely open format, as far as the genre of his productions. This makes him a difficult man to market, but he has managed to triumph against the odds, scoring BIG ROOM HOUSE releases on a couple of very prominent labels. While most House producers are scared away from HARDCORE, RedMoon has no reservations about cranking up the BPM and getting stompy.

COME AGAIN is a FREE release RedMoon put up to celebrate 4 years of producing. It’s a perfect blend of OLDSCHOOL elements with more upfront sounds. It’s rare that the balance of past and present is achieved so coherently. It makes me wish Hardcore was more of a focus for him, but then I also understand that need to branch out. Creative freedom is a very precious thing.




“It’s been a year, and we’re stiiiilll here”. Ha! Who said that??? 😛