My new single, LOLLIPOP SKANK, drops 1 week from today, and that’s a reason to celebrate! I kick off the show with a sneak peek of the entire EP, followed by an hour of the freshest BASS heavy music.

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– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:00 Lollipop Skank – Gobs & Miss C *

01:30 Lollipop Skank (PJ Produkt’s Popped Lolli Remix) – Gobs & Miss C

02:50 Lollipop Skank (Sychosis Remix) – Gobs & Miss C

04:46 Lollipop Skank (Wax Hands Remix) – Gobs & Miss C*

06:28 It’s So Right (Jaminic Remix) – Wynter

08:24 It’s So Right – Wynter

10:19 I Ran (Rob-E & Security Remix) – Flock Of Seagulls

12:16 59th Street Groove – Funk You Very Much

14:16 SWANG – CRNKN & Lazerdisk Party Sex

16:05 Leanin’ Like A Zombie – Moe’t Ft. Dreidel

17:16 Zumbi (Banginclude’s Zouk Bass Remix) – Major Lazer ft. Andy Milonakis **

19:39 Raccoon City Bitch! – Gobs The Zombie & Hyjax

22:48 Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Gobby Zs Moombahcore [REC.] edit) – Skrillex

25:25 MOOMBAHTON (Gobby Zs King Of The Zombies Edit) – Dave Nada

28:17 You’re Welcome – Ricky Vaughn x Maxx & EJ

29:28 Witch Doktor (Gobby Zs Voodoo Love Potion Remix) – Armand Van Helden

33:18 Witch Doctor (Wine and Bend) – Kush Arora & MC Zulu ****

34:46 Like A Pro (Dubbel Dutch Remix) – The Wizard ft. Nyanda

35:45 Bubble And Wine Up – Wax Wreckaz ft. Etzia — FEATURED ARTIST — 

37:48 Running Circles – CRIMES!

39:37 Feel You Move (Proper Villains Remix) – The Bolivian Marching Affair

41:25 Back 2 Hackney – King Yoof

43:03 Out Of Space – The Prodigy

44:53 Maintain the Rage (Boltcutter Remix) – Sharkoffs

46:24 Piss Test (Flosstradamus Remix) – A-Trak ft. Juicy J & Jim Jones & Flatbush Zombies & El-P

48:07 Rage (Gobs The Zombie Remix) – Multiplier

51:06 Fatality (ForeverKID Remix) – OCTIV

52:22 Return of the Living Dead – ZOMBIE! Real Horror Rock!

53:38 Terminator (DJ George Costanza Remix) – Famous Eno & Rubi Dan

54:44 Terminator (Phrixus Remix) – Famous Eno & Rubi Dan

56:00 Jump ya Body (Proper Villains B.A.B. Remix) – Kill The Noise

57:37 Zombootie – Gobs The Zombie *


wax wreckaz

It’s generally agreed upon that an artist needs to move to a major metropolitan area in order to be discovered, but then there are always those who manage to break the rules. WAX WRECKAZ are 4 producers, from a small mountain town, in Austria, influenced by a wide range of musical backgrounds, but uniting through a mutual love of low frequencies. Their music combines different styles of modern dancefloor trends with TROPICAL elements in a way that is easily relatable, and they have managed to gain the attention of Bass music’s major players.

BUBBLE & WINE UP is a total “island” jam. It hovers comfortably between the GARAGE & DUBSTEP sounds of the UK, but never gets dark or overly heavy. Instead, it is light and bubbly, made ever more so by the Carribean vibes of vocalist, ETZIA. A choice summer jam, for sure.

DOWNLOAD: Wax Wreckaz ft. Etzia – Bubble And Wine Up (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)




* LOLLIPOP SKANK drops JUNE 11, 2014, care of 9G RECORDS. Read more about the release HERE.


** Large up KENTRON RECORDS for including RACCOON CITY BITCH on this awesome FREE COMPILATION of tunes by underground Toronto artists.


*** MC ZULU wrote a great article on the fate of EDM. CHECK IT OUT!

MC Zulu

Can’t wait to do it again! The next episode of DEAD AIR BASS will air Weds, July 2nd, 3-4pm EST, on