You might be inclined to stick this one in the SHIT category, but i assure you, if you did, you’d be missing the point. I prefer to think of it as weirdly wonderful.


Jakazid 1d

This UK based producer is world renowned for his musical explorations, which span a very wide spectrum of sounds within the HARDCORE realm. Many consider him to be one of the best remixers in modern Rave music. But he first gained global notoriety through a piss take of a TV advert, titled CILIT BANG. A viral video led to a chart busting single release, and a lot of controversial discussion.


Whether for or against the song, all of the press made JAKAZID a recognized name, and he capitalized on it, wisely, with a stream of quality releases following the initial attention. While he has managed to distance his reputation from the sillyness of Cillit Bang, Jakazid has also never lost his appreciation for absurdity. He runs a separate SOUNDCLOUD account, from his main artists page, which he reserves expressly for “DUMB SHIT THAT JAKAZID MADE”. Here, lovers of anime and other Nerd Culture pass-times are treated to ludicrous MASHUPS and BASTARD POP REMIXES.

Is there anything more ludicrous than a good ol’ bangin’ DONK? Perhaps a Spanish one. DONK ESPANOL is a prime example of Jakazid at his most brilliantly ridiculous. In only 38 secs, he manages to whip us into a frenzy of chavy goodness, and does it with a unique latin twist. Mental! And it’s just a tiny snippet of the content that awaits you on this cloud.

DOWNLOAD: Jakazid – Donk Espanol (RIGHT CLICK>SAVE AS)




I wonder if it was this song, specifically, that got me a talking to about show content during DEAD AIR ELECTRO 022. Ha!