After a month off, it’s time to kick Year #3 of DAE into high gear, and what better time than HALLOWEEEEN!?!? Do I even need to say that this show kicks ass? An hour of creepy monster jams to get you pumped and ready for the best night of the year, and who better to bring it than ya boi, Gobs Z?

dead air FB Cover - DKGL

– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click linked song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:00 Zombie Nation (Tranny House Mix 3) – Bad Brothaz

02:26 Zombieland – Argento

04:23 Zombie Riddim – Pablo Calamari

06:21 Zombootie – Gobs The Zombie *

09:20 Blood Rave (Zombies For Money Remix) – Deathface

11:24 Dance Of The Dead (Frandiscos Remix) – Tape Deck Bros

12:52 Dance Of The Dead (Gooffee remix) – Tapedeck Bros

14:50 It’s Alive – Tim Jirgenson **

17:06 Let Me Eat Your Face (Eddie Krystal remix) – 40Oz Profits

19:03 Zombies (HiJack Remix) – Ursula 1000 ***

21:15 Valac – roeVy

22:43 Weird Terror – Ravolution & Partysmartie

24:25 Zombie Masters – Tony Byker ****

27:10 Zombies In The Disco – AGTrio

29:07 Disco Monster (The Seymour Bits Subsonic Monster Remix) – Le Le

30:50 Monster Mash – The Socialytes

33:46 Monster (AC Slater Remix) – Professor Green

36:12 Zombie Bass – The Incredible Melting Man & Riggers

37:55 Zombie Jamboree – Africaine 808 — FEATURED ARTIST —

39:23 Zombies (HeavyFeet remix) – Nick Thayer

41:13 Zombies – Herve *****

42:30 Jack It Like A Zombie (The Bulgarian Rework) – The Bulgarian ft Spoek

44:20 Jack It Like A Zombie (Santiago & Bushido Remix) – The Bulgarian ft Spoek

46:54 Jack It Like A Zombie (Cold Blank remix) – The Bulgarian ft Spoek

48:36 Night Of The Dead – Michael White ******

50:26 Zombies! (Hot Pink Delorean Thrillernight Remix) – Designer Drugs

52:30 Zombies (Bird Peterson Remix) – Designer Drugs

53:55 Zombies (Designer Drugs Remix) – Designer Drugs

56:01 Thriller (Luvtek Remix) – Michael Jackson

57:24 Thriller (Scooter’s Big Room Bootleg) – Michael Jackson *******



Africaine 808 1d

After years of exploring the depths of musical genres and the boundaries of blending , mixing and refining rhythm patterns and harmonies from around the globe , two Berliners expressed their hard earned musical freedom in a dogma :

The use of a Roland TR-808 analog drum machine in every single track.

They programmed the machine to lay polyrythms over drum and percussion tracks , fascinated -and sometimes puzzled- by it’s own characteristically sudden swing and accent changes, and named it : “Africaine 808 ” – their third and first female bandmember.

The first year of their musical joint venture, the three spent quite some time in remixing and editing some of their favorite african and island funk tunes , transforming the old gold into modern Dj and Dancefloor friendly tunes. The sound of organic grooves mixed with 808-beats and analogue synthesizer baselines became soon a trademark sound, and more and more samples got replaced by live played guitar, bass, organ and percussion.

The trio experimented with different tempi and styles ranging from slow cumbia and exotic rumba themes to islandfunk and percussive disco, electro and housetracks.

In Spring 2012 they first took the project to another level , turning their tracks into a full liveact at one of the VULKANDANCE nights .

Today the project is growing and integrating guest musicians and vocalists – for live performances as well as for recording in the studio.

These 2 self proclaimed music nerds certainly do have a whimsical approach to their art. If it’s not apparent in their bio, it is certainly obvious in their music, like their strangely wonderful addition to the ZOMBIE ELECTRO canon, titled ZOMBIE JAMBOREE. 808’s and voodoo drums. Love it!





* My very first original jam.


** Click HERE for more info on PRETTY BOY ACID’s ERADIATE podcast… Oh and HERE for the MIAMI ZOMBIE 😛

*** Check out ROEVY

roeVy “The Spiders EP” Promo from S77 on Vimeo.


**** Sexy. Montreal. Monster. Electro. On VINYL… Awesome!




***** Peep the PHONE INTERVIEW I did with CLUB 907, in Utica, NY.


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