DEAD AIR BASS 017 (HALLOWEEN RECAP!) ((November 2014))

Another Halloween season has come to pass, and once again, we’re left with nothing but some fuzzy memories, crappy candy, and great music. This month’s episode is not for everyone. I’m catering to the heavy bass loving, Halloween fanatic! If I just described YOU, then I hope you plan to check out the broadcast. Lets get spoooooky!

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– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click linked song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:00 Thriller (Sabo Moombahton Remix) – Michael Jackson

02:44 Beware (Ricky Vaughn Rework) – Big Sean

04:39 Witch Doktor (Gobby Zs Fucking Voodoo Magic rmx) – Armand Van Heldon

07:35 Voodoo Magic – Voodoo Dredd *

09:02 Michael Myers – The Socialytes

11:25 Monster (Golden Kong Remix) – Oliverk7

13:04 Zombie – Tye James

14:29 Stitchez – Gobs & Blare Syren

18:01 The Jackal (Sanxion Remix) – Eat Rave

20:02 Day Of The Dead – DJ Beady

22:04 The Nightmare (Power Mix) – Holy Noise

23:34 Godzilla Remix – Mannik

25:36 The Necronomicon – Mutoid **

26:42 You Are All Going To Die Tonight – Joey Riot vs Masterbucks

29:13 Voodoo Machine – Exergonic

30:23 Voodoo Voodoo – LaVern Baker

31:27 Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

32:38 Party Monster – Krewella

34:37 Reign in Ratchet (Prod by Proper Villains) – Cunt Mafia

36:30 Nightmare – Louisiana Jones

38:34 Ghostbuster’s Theme (DJ Addison’s Trap ReFix) – Ray Parker Jr

40:01 Up N Down – Zombalistic

42:29 Rage (Gobs The Zombie Remix) – Multiplier

45:00 Antibody (Gobs VIZ Edit) – The Infekted

47:11 Im Zombie – Mendelayev — FEATURED ARTIST —

48:22 Z-Word (The Panacea VIP) – Counterstrike

50:20 Dead City – Sc@r

52:04 Back From The Dead – DJ Paul Elstak ft Partyraiser

55:01 Zombies – Merkurius

57:23 The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash ***


mendelayev 1a

Mendelayev is well-known in Russia and abroad as a soundproducer and sound engineer, who writes all kinds of electronic music. His first album was highly praised by music press. Soon Mendelayev became one of the most famous russian experimental artists, playing live at various clubs across the country. Apart from his electronic endeavours, Mendelayev also plays in a lounge band, Sky Residents, as well as other side-projects. Interesting guy!

I absolutely love BREAKCORE like this. It’s so complex, and complicated to make. Always impressive. Great use of LAND OF THE DEAD samples too. What a choon!




* If you’re ever it PITTSBURGH, PA on a Tuesday night, be sure to hit up 2-STEP TUESDAYS! Bringing the GARAGE vibe back to The States! Keep up on SOUNDCLOUD and TWITTER.



** REQUIRED VIEWING! People will debate to no end over which version of EVIL DEAD is better, and it’s silly. They’re both awesome movies! Each has a very different tone, and they both need to be seen in order to listen to this month’s show. I INSIST!!!


*** For those of you who don’t know what’s up, here it is…THEE scariest opening to a Zombie movie EVER MADE!

Can’t wait to do it again! The next episode of DEAD AIR BASS will air Weds, December 3rd, 3-4pm EST, on