ADAM PSYBE is acclaimed for being one of the worlds youngest PSYCHADELIC ARTISTS. Of course, his growing reputation isn’t based solely on his age. His work is incredible! Check out a quick Vine I snapped while hanging out at his NYC apartment, astounded by his pieces, then I’ve got some DEEP tunes for you to hear while you admire his art.

adam psybe 1a BABE RAINBOW – DON’T TELL ME I’M WRONG DKGL - Button - Download

Prolific Canadian artist, BABE RAINBOW, is like a modern day BRIAN ENO. No surprise that his is the standout selection on the 2nd GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL – ADULT SWIM COMPILATION.

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adam psybe 1d ROYALE FT. NIGEL EVAN DENNIS – OUT OF SEASON [youtube=]    

You won’t find a lot of ROCK bands posted within these Sunday segments, simply because ingenuity is a difficult thing to accomplish within the exhausted confines of a traditional band lineup. With that said, Chicago’s ROYALE have created quite a unique sound for themselves, and it’s a melodically complex one. They call it “YACHT METAL”. Take the structure of a METALLICA ballad, but approach it with a relaxed attitude, and thoughtful attention payed to beautiful reverberations. Perhaps the best example of this sound is OUT OF SEASON, found on their recently released DEBUT ALBUM. A track with added grace, care of the outstanding backing vocals from fellow Chi Town artist, NIGEL EVAN DENNIS. These guys have been so good about getting their music to me, and I want them to know that I really do appreciate it, and I love what they’re doing.

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adam psybe 1f TOM MISCH & CARMODY – SO CLOSE (WILD CULTURE REMIX) [youtube=]    

I like to think that this is similar to what CALVIN HARRIS would sound like today had he kept his artistic integrity. But lets not make this about him, when the artists actually involved have done such a wonderful job of delivering a love song that “showcases emotions in an intelligent yet comprehendible and relatable way”, as EARMILK’S PETER MURRAY put it. TOM MISCH & CARMODY are UK solo artists who have been collaborating more and more, much to the delight of us listeners, finally culminating in the OUT OF THE SEA EP from which the track in mention comes. Austrian duo, WILD CULTURE, have done a phenomenal job of bringing this tune to the dancefloor. It’s easy to just get lost in the groove of this REMIXES gorgeous rhythms.

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