So I’m digging through a friends CLUB MUSIC vinyl collection, pricing it out to sell it for him, and I’m being reminded of how much I love all these tunes. What suddenly shows up in my feed? A MIXTAPE of CLASSICS from a true pioneer of the scene. I don’t believe in fate, but the timeliness of this coincidence certainly was awesome.


Dj TaMeiL 1e

To put it quite simply, he is the creator and founder of JERSEY CLUB music. Now, don’t you dare confuse simplicity with insignificance. That’s quite a title to hold!



Dj TaMeiL 1a

Club Music has always been segregated by the boundaries of different cities (Jersey Club, Philly Club, BMore, etc). It’s good to hear Tameil drop a mix that brings all the different demographics together, because much like the crowd at a Brick City THREAD party, this music may come from different spaces but it’s all united under one groove.

It’s an important mix because this music has reached international status, but so many cats, like myself, only really get to hear the tunes made post 2005, when this movement started gaining major momentum. Meanwhile, this style has been rocking underground dancefloors since the late 80s, and homage deserves to be paid to the songs that helped Club Music, as a whole, build its steam.

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HIGHPOINTS: Tameil has his skill demo on full blast. Not only does he showcase his in-depth knowledge of this music’s history, but also his expertise in mixing it. Truth be told, Club Music is simple music, but its rhythm is infectious. It might be the most compelling dance music formula ever constructed, yet it’s simplicity causes so many DJs to be mistakenly disrespectful of its structure, Stumbling, clumsily, from one track to another. In sharp contrast, Tameil’s style couldn’t be tighter. I bet he understands that when a genre is already chaotic, in nature, the blending of tracks needs to be uniform, so that the intentional chaos doesn’t just simply descend into an unintelligible mess. Notice that there are no vocal clashes? Tameil has taken the proper time to know these tracks inside out, using scratching, sound FX, and delays only when necessary to aid and enhance the transition from one song to the next. This is pro mixing, kids!

LOW POINTS: This MIXTAPE is enjoyable on every level, but I gotta provide some sort of low point because it makes the high points carry weight, so take the following as suggestions, not criticisms. Okay, these tunes deserve a TRACK LIST. That IS a criticism. Now, on to the suggestions. I would have ordered the songs quite differently, for example, putting all the tracks featuring bouncy, distorted kicks together (like @ 35:06) into a single vignette of that style to create more flow, but that’s just me. It certainly would have made for a more enjoyable experience if there could have been a variety of “DJ Tameil” drops and riser sound FX. We only get one of each repeated throughout the set. Not a big deal. It would just be icing on the cake. Not even! More like sprinkles on the icing on the cake. Know what I’m sayin’?

Such a dope ride, tho. I bet your booty didn’t stop percolating for the full 55.



My reviews are way too school-boy for these ghetto-ass mixes.