I really do prefer to feature mixes by artists that haven’t yet been added to the DKGL roster, but when one that I admire does something amazing, naturally, I gotta hype it up. Here’s one of those artists and one of those times.


dev79 3e

Philadelphia native, DEV79 has been a cultural curator at the forefront of STREET BASS for a long time now. He is almost a generational figurehead for the co-led genre push, along with STARKEY. Together they both head seminal label, SECLUSIASIS, which they use to continually explore and the boundaries of BASS HEAVY ELECTRONIC music.

For more on Dev79, check out his ORIGINAL DKGL FEATURE.


dev79 3a

For the 60th edition of this mix series, compiled by extremely progressive, Vancouver based music blog, FUTURECLASSICS.CA,  the controls were handed over to the champion of Philly Street Bass, Dev79, who seized the offer as an opportunity to showcase the fresh new direction that his sound scope is currently headed in. Lovers of JUKE, FOOTWORK, and other uptempo genres of bass music are gonna lose it over this one.


1. Frenquency – We Gon Wild (Dev79 Remix) – Saturate Records
2. Darren Keen – One Beat (BSN Posse Remix) – Seclusiasis
3. Dev79 – Grown Folk Business – Seclusiasis
4. Dev79 – Honey’s Got Ass – Seclusiasis
5. Touchy Subject – Dancing Bully – Medallion Sounds
6. Dej Loaf – We Good (Dev79 Remix) – Unreleased
7. Darren Keen – Walk the Water (Starkey Remix) – Seclusiasis
8. Alexandre – Jump On Bust Up – Unreleased
9. Somejerk – Quantum Funk – Seclusiasis
10. Lomovolokno – G (Gillepsy Remix) – Mad Hop
11. Shiftee & Dev79 – YoYo DripDrip – Unreleased
12. Rabit – Terminator – #Feelings
13. Dev79 – Boom Boom Down – Gold Whistle
14. DJ Amps – Stuck On Rhythm – Unreleased
15. Dev79 – Bullets Like Come – Unreleased
16. G Jones – Knocking Doors Down – Unreleased
17. Quentin Hiatus – Passive Boycott – Translation Recordings
18. Slugabed – Lemme Tek U 4 A Ride – Freee DL


HIGH POINTS: I’ve been following Dev for a good few years now, and I’m consistently delighted by his ability to continually push the sounds of the Philly underground. One of the most interesting characteristics of Street Bass is that it’s experimental in nature, meaning that, with Dev truly at the helm of the genre, he’s able to make it whatever he wants it to be. He’s always taken influence from what’s happening at the forefront of bass music, and used that edge to stay ahead of the game. With that in mind, I’m not surprised to hear the Street Bass genre going down a path heavily influenced by the rise in popularity of Footwork. I suppose if you’re a Seclusiasis supporter who doesn’t care for the fast pace and chaotic structure of this trend, you might find the mix disappointing, which is fine, really. Forward thinking has always held sway in all of Dev’s various endeavors, and his biggest fans appreciate him for that. Honestly, he might be the best guy in the world to be presenting such a sporadic sound. It’s one where lack of discipline would cause most DJs to make an audio mess out of this play list. Considering the blistering energy and loose structure of the individual tracks, Dev does an exemplary job of making it all flow coherently. Speaking of that energy, good call keeping the run time around the 30 min mark. Any longer and I think my brain may have overloaded. I mean that in the best possible way, though. What an intense trip!

LOW POINTS: I don’t have much to say here. Maybe only that I probably would have began the mix where Dev decided to end it. Some might consider it too obvious, but I think the “Lemme Tek U 4 A Ride” lyric in SLUGABED‘s closer would have been great foreshadowing for the sensory onslaught ahead, and the slightly more chilled structure of the tune would have been a great way to ease the listener into the delicious chaos. QUENTIN HIATUS’ PASSIVE BOYCOTT could have stayed right where it is, with its strong dualities and somewhat political message serving as a great way to wrap it all up.  Something to consider, I guess, in a mix that is nothing less then another triumph for Dev79 to add to the pile.



By the way, be sure to do some poking around on futureclassics.ca. It’s a killer site. Only good looks!