It’s April. 4/20 is coming up, and I’m getting you prepped proper with the 3rd installment of my annual STONER BASS mixes. Don’t even bother listening if you aint good and faded.

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– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click linked song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:17 Outro – B.o.B. Presents

00:59 Pass The Kutchie – Mighty Diamonds & Mr Williamz & Yellowman

02:11 Herbalist – Cali P

04:18 Blaze It – Joggo

05:53 Better Medz – Mr Williamz & Tony Curtis

07:25 Police In Helicopter – Million Stylez

08:16 Helicopter – Craig Graham

09:58 Puff Puff Pass – Ninjury ft New5ense

11:21 We Love the Blunts (Astronomar & Betz Remix) – Reid Speed & Proper Villains ft Dances With White Girls

13:13 We Love the Blunts (Stereoliez Remix) – Reid Speed & Proper Villains ft Dances With White Girls

13:55 We Love the Blunts (Getter Remix) – Reid Speed & Proper Villains ft Dances With White Girls

15:52 Bass N Bars (Terry Hooligan & Zombie Robot Remix) – Joe Blow

17:29 Smoke The Marijuana – Radiokillaz *

19:27 Spark The Flair – Odeed & Wish

20:51 Hold The Light – Rotten Ralphie & Ricky Vaughn  **

23:02 Lightaz – Ricky Blaze

23:57 Lighters Up – I-Octane & Alaine

25:20 Hi (Explicit) – Vybz Kartel

26:52 Weed & Hennessy (Explicit) – Mavado

28:06 Weed Questionaire – I-Octane  — FEATURED ARTIST —

29:10 Never Leave Dub – Marcus Visionary

30:42 The ‘Erb – The Trip

32:16 Under Mi Sensi (X Factor Remix) – Barrington Levy ft Beanie Man

33:47 Ganja – Marcus Visionary

35:55 Phenomenon – Erbalist

37:09 Professional Ganja Smoker (Liondub Remix) – General Levy

38:11 Professional Ganja Smoker (Madd Ice Remix) – General Levy

39:48 Professional Ganja Smoker (Serial Killaz Remix) – General Levy

41:35 Rock The Disco – Erbalist

43:41 Stoner (Flosstradamus Remix) – Young Thug

45:04 We Dem Boyz (JayCeeOh & Bonics & B-Sides Remix) (Dirty) – Wiz Khalifa

46:09 Drop It Down Low – Faction  ***

47:10 Smoke 1 – Flosstradamus ft Travis Porter

48:59 Plottin’ – Anon

50:16 Jimmy Fallon (Prod by DJ Burn One) – Scotty ATL & B.o.B & London Jae

51:49 Grove Street Party – Twisted

53:21 Rising Sun [Prod by BK Beats] – Black Zheep DZ

55:19 Time Zone (Prod by DviousMinds) – Dolo Moretti ft ShaMe Aveknu

56:41 Juice & Gin (Prod by B.o.B & JaqueBeatz) – B.o.B & Jake Lambo & Lin-Z

58:46 Snoopin The 3rd ’78 – Jakazid


i-octane 1d

A combination of innate talent, conscious lyrics, high-energy performances and pure charisma is the hallmark of REGGAE singer, I-OCTANE, whose music has made a resounding impact across the continents. Bestowed with the task of setting the pace for the next generation of troubadours, this smooth Rastafarian singer, who has amassed an impressive slew of hits songs in a few short years, has skillfully positioned himself as an ambassador of culture music, while maintaining a strong appeal in the DANCEHALL, where his songs have become anthems, with his recognizably powerful voice and versatile lyrics. His high demand also reaches into the corporate world. He represents several brands, within the Caribbean (most notably, GUINNESS beer). With only a short stint in the industry I-Octane is already being compared to some of the legends in Reggae.

Some day soon, I-Octane’s WEED QUESTIONNAIRE might be considered a MARIJUANA MUSIC ANTHEM. Another one he can add to his consistent string of hits. Vibe with it.

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* My 3rd annual tribute to the most vital tool in Marijuana consumption….

Holding a Lighter Amidst the Silence

** I’m sure yours are brilliant, but here’s some great ideas for improvised pipes…




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