On May 4, 2012, Adam Yauch passed away, marking the end of a band that has been described as “our generation’s Beatles”. 3 years later, many of us have dedicated ourselves to keeping their music fresh in the minds of the people around us. That’s why, for the 2nd year in a row, I’ve compiled an hour of Beastie Boys bootlegs, mashups, remixes, and rarities. This is gonna be a jam packed show with a lot of surprises, so don’t miss a minute. RIP MCA.

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– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click linked song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:00 Recycling Revolution Intro – Mashup-Germany

01:08 SciFi Megamash V2  – Eddie Pedalo

03:04 Intergalactic Passion – Shir Khan  *

04:42 Intergalactic MIB (Beastie Boys x Will Smith) – Supakon

05:50 High Priced – Kwest

06:58 An Open Letter To Dear NY (Beastie Boys x Firebeatz) – Tommie Sunshine

09:10 Insight Tricks – Zenit Incompatible

10:15 Sexy Beast – Funk You Very Much

11:03 Super Holla Tricka – DJ Tripp

11:59 Give ‘Em What They Want (Boyz Noise x Chromeo x Beastie Boys) – Salvador G

13:23 Whatcha Want, Lady – DJ BC  *

14:36 Kick That Beastie – Funk You Very Much

16:03 Hold It Now, Hit It (Alternate Take) – The Beastie Boys  *

17:23 No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Alternate Take) – The Beastie Boys  *

19:13 Brooklyn Rocks (Beastie Boys x Joan Jett) – Lobsterdust

20:07 Desperado – The Beastie Boys  **

21:56 Sure Shot (Jay-R Remix) – Beastie Boys

22:41 Sure Shot  – The Beastie Boys *

23:37 Jazz Revolutionist (Guru x Jeremy Steig x Q-Tip) – DJ BC

25:39 The New – J Dilla  *

26:18 The New Style – The Beastie Boys ***

29:29 I’m On One (DJ Smallz Remix) – Talib Kweli ft Chi Da Prynce

30:56 ’98 To Piano – Forze DJ Team

32:42 Body Movin – Brainblaster

33:17 Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Remix) – Beastie Boys  *

34:38 Body Movin’ Without Honor – Fissunix

35:24 Kill Bill Down – DJ Agish

37:28 Close To My Roots – Dj Moule

38:34 I’m Down – The Beastie Boys  *

39:28 triple take (Franz Ferdidnand x Beastie Boys) – McSleazy

40:58 Chic Franzie Boys – Party Ben

42:14 Triple Horny (Cajmere x The Beastie Boys) – Salvador G

43:28 Ch-Check It Out (Old Skool Mix) – Party Ben

45:20 Ch-Check It Out (Mannik Remix) – The Beastie Boys

46:21 Check The Matrix Out – Fissunix

47:37  Home (Demo) – The Beastie Boys  *

48:38 Fight For Your Right #2 (Alternate Take) – The Beastie Boys  *

50:20 Fight For You Right To Shake It – Pheugoo

51:24 Alive – Tape Deck Bros

51:59 The Beast Gees – DJ BC

53:23 Hey Ladies Night – DJ BC — FEATURED ARTIST —

54:16 Diva (Ill-Esha and Wick-it Remix) – Beyonce

55:40 Sabotage (Tha Boogie Bandit Remix) – The Beastie Boys

56:43 Sabotage (DJ Kue Remix) – Beastie Boys  *

57:30 Black Sabotage (Beastie Boys x Led Zeppelin) – DJ Moule


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The 4 MASHUPS featured in this mix are just the tip of the iceberg for DJ BC when it comes to BEASTIE BOYS bootlegs. In fact, he has released 3 full albums of Beastie Boys/BEATLES blends, the first of which was named one of the best CDs of 2004, by the Detroit METRO TIMES. Beyond the music of the B-Boys, DJ BC is one of the most prolific Mashup producers in history, and deserves more credit then he’s been given for the huge roll he played in the popularity of Mashups, during the mid-noughties.

His KOOL & THE GANG x BEASTIES pairing, HEY LADIES NIGHT, has always been a popular one, largely due to the entertaining MUSIC VIDEO that accompanies it, cut together by DJ COUGAR. Check out the vid, then grab the tune below.


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