Gobs is gonna get you all properly pumped and ready for HALLOWEEN WEEKEND, with a full hour of dirty house music and horror themes.


– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click linked song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

01:33 One Night In NYC – The Horrorist

05:11 Creepin – Slater & Lime

07:12  The Exorcist – LutherGates

08:38 Stalker Ha (HG Swells And Throdown Exorcist Edit) – Kingdom

09:49 Twilight Zone (4X4 Remix) – Hoax x Dubzta

12:31 Twilight Beats – DJ Topcat  *

13.44 Theme From Psycho (Crooks & Gunn Psych! Remix) – Bernard Herrmann

15:48 Never Scared (DJ Real Juicy WFGC Mix) – Bonecrusher & T.I.

17:15 We Dont Give a Fuck  – Ninjasonik ft Trouble Andrew & Johnny Nelson & Nine Lives The Cat

18:15 Dead Disco Dancer – O Children

19:57 Zombies In The Disco – A.G. Trio

21:53 Disco Monster (The Seymour Bits Subsonic Monster Remix) – Le Le

23:35 The Boogie Monster – Armand Van Helden

25:39 Monster – The Automatic

26:22 Monster (AC Slater Remix) – Professor Green

28:19 The Monster Mash (DJ Hardware’s 2010 House Remix) – Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Cryptkickers

30:15 Monster Mash – The Socialytes

32:41 Monster (Rihanna x John Dish) – SikDuo

34:59 Voodoo – Rosabrava

36:40 Voodoo People (Hardforze DJ Tool Remix) – The Prodigy

39:26 Zombies – Technikal & Audox

41:31 Zombie Nation (Steve Hill x Hardforze Mix) – Masif DJ’s & Neon Lights & Immerze ft Steve Hill

43:29 Africa (Local Tinituzz meets Veria club Remix) – Chris Galmon & NDA  **

45:36 Zombies (HeavyFeet Remix) – Nick Thayer

46:56 Heavy Breathing – Zombie Disco Squad

48:38 Dark Desires (Korina Bliss Remix) – Mount Sims

51:47 Glow In the Dark (REDgreenBLUE Remix) – Beyond Beats ft Ellie Dubin

53:40 Thriller 2010 (Hardwares Halloween Terror Remix) – Michael Jackson

56:09 Halloween House Theme – Mykel Mars

57:58 Ghosts And Stuff (JohnnyJover Creepy Mix) – Deadmau5  ***


Mykel mars 1a

German DJ & Producer, MYKEL MARS, started DJing in 1996 when he was 16 years old. Since then he has rocked clubs all over Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. His musical selection: House, Progressive, Electro, Tech-House & Trance. In June 2010 he founded his own dance label, “BIKINI SOUNDS” featuring producers from all over the world.

Mykels HALLOWEEN HOUSE THEME is a bit of a rarity, which is a shame, because the versatility in this track is incredible. It incorporates elements from all of the musical styles that he pursues. Originally released in 2010, this tune is way ahead of its time, sounding like the FUTURE HOUSE that is dominating the club circuit today. Perhaps it’s time this tune made its mark. Grab it below and help spread it around.

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* The video from TIGHT CREW’S 2015 HALLOWEEN party are not up yet, but to give you an idea, it was a lot like this…

** Are the lyrics in this song RACIST???