An explosive new force is bubbling up from the underground, in Toronto, this summer. ELECTRIC STAR PRODUCTIONS (ESP) is a collective of veteran DJs coming together to throw exceptional events and people are taking notice.

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On June 3rd, ESP threw an ELECTRIC CIRCUS themed 90s party, called DANCE NIGHT ’95, and word spread fast. The venue was a capacity almost as soon as the doors opened. Perhaps it was the promo mixes from the night’s DJs that got everyone so jacked for the event. Featured were ESP members, PAUL SAVAGE (ELECTRONICA), SHOK (EURO), FRAKTL (TRANCE), DAVIDE FERRARA (ITALO), and some zombie dude you might know, dropping an ALL VINYL set of CLASSIC HOUSE. Check them all out below.


I want to focus on one mix, in particular, that being the one by DJ DAVIDE.


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With his razor sharp mixing, expansive music knowledge and his domineering stage presence, DJ Davide has solidified himself as both a DJing powerhouse and a staple of the dance scene. Whether it be in Toronto, North East England, or his native East York, audiences are electrified when they experience what he brings to the decks. His masterfully selected tunes and unstoppable energy will have you bouncing off the walls and grooving to the beat! Drawing from his arsenal – one of the biggest vinyl collections in the city – and fuelled by his unshakable passion for Tokusatsu and Sci-Fi: get ready to roll ’em out and stack ’em HIGH!

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1. JK – You & I (Remix)

2. Ice MC – Think About The Way

3. Daisy Dee – Headbone Connected

4. Century – Take It To The Limit

5. Afrika Bambaataa – Feel The Vibe (Remix)

6. Xeya – Kiss Me

7. Maxx – Getaway


HIGH POINTS: My favourite thing about this set, as is true for any mix by DAVIDE, is that while enjoying every minute of it, you’re also getting schooled. He knows more about 90s dance music then anyone else I know and his vinyl collection, coupled with his skills in mixing said vinyl, really back up his credentials as an authority. With each track, I found myself saying “Whoa! I didn’t know this anthem was Italo Dance”. Either that or I was being exposed to a fantastic tune that I hadn’t heard before. It takes exemplary taste and artistic fortitude to step outside of the anthem canon, in any given genre, and deliver tunes that are still highly compelling without being familiar. Davide excels at this, and manages to do so with mixing skills that are absolutely smooth, which is impressive given the circumstances. Compared to its digital equivalent, Vinyl mixing is quite unforgiving. But when Davide is on the decks, you’d hardly know it. Smooth as glass!

LOW POINTS: Here I am boasting about his mixing skills and ol’ Davide cuts off part of the vocal in his very first mix (3:40). Not a big deal considering the awesomeness of this mix as a whole, but lets remember that the first mix really sets the tone for what we expect to hear throughout. It conveys a tone, and it would be a shame if the listener were to conclude, less than 4 mins in, that this must be one of those “quick and dirty” mixes thrown together without much thought. Personally, I think it’s much better then that. Something to think about for the future, perhaps (or maybe my head is just too far up my ass. A definite possibility).

Given that this is only a short sampling of Davide’s work, I bet you’d like to hear more. I got ‘chu, after the jump.


Let’s do it again!!!