For this 5th and final Halloween special, I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you that I will be dropping all of my favourite spooky Electro jams. If you’re a Halloween fanatic, like me, you are going to love this episode, and since it’s the last time I’ll be doing this, I really hope you will join me and recruit your frightening friends to join as well. This is going to be horrifyingly epic!

– INTERACTIVE TRACK LIST – (Click linked song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:00 Numbra One (Foamo Remix) – Zombies For Money

01:54 Zombies (HeavyFeet Remix) – Nick Thayer

03:41 Zombies – Herve

04:56 Return Of The Living Dead (Zombies 2) – Herve

06:35 The Creeps Get On The Dancefloor (Steve Bug Remix) – Freaks

09:07 Creepy (Mightyfools Remix) – Boltan

11:58 Smoke That Fool – Voodoo Farm

12:55 Breakfast (Kill The Noise Remix) – Le Le

14:50 Zombie Walk – Killer On The Dancefloor ft Dada Attack  *

16:37 Electric Zombie Slide – Dirty Little Thieves  #JUNK

18:17 Flesh Eater (General MIDI Remix) – The Autobots & Screwface

19:52 Rock The House (Zombie Robot & Terry Hooligan Remix) – Zeeskulls

21:20 I Want To Destroy It – Gobs The Zombie & J-Me & Peter Lee

22:58 Valac – roeVy

24:11 Resurrection – Mega The Psycho  #JUNK — FEATURED ARTIST —

27:39 Deadhouse (Falkirk Remix) – Dead CAT Bounce ft A Girl & A Gun  #JUNK

29:58 Ghosts And Stuff (JohnnyJover Creepy Mix) – Deadmau5

31:57 Night Of The Dead – Michael White

33:09 Thriller (J. Casablanca 2012 2.0 Remix) – Michael Jackson

36:02 Punk Thriller – Loo & Placido

37:25 Cheap Thrills – Herve

39:06 Zombies (HiJack Remix) – Ursula 1000

42:12 Days (Pictureplane’s Black Mesh Edit) – Creep  #JUNK

43:37 It’s Alive – Tim Jirgenson

46:06 Zombieland – Argento

48:43 Kernkraft 400 (Blend Brothers Dutch Banger ReWork) – Zombie Nation

50:22 SMASH! (Ummet Ozcan x Zombie Nation) – Heather Van Viper

52:31 Monster (Rihanna x John Dish) – SikDuo

54:11 Monster Mash – The Socialytes

56:34 Antidote – The Disco Fries



This guy has THEE best bio I have ever read!

Back in the old days of Russia there lived a tsar. The tsar would grow frustrated as he would invite towns folk to his balls where no one would dance, but instead sit, eat, and drink all night. The tsar kept a body guard named Megastolvshki by his side at all times in fear of assassins. Megastolvshki also had a special duty during the tsar’s invitational balls. This was to execute any patron who would not participate in the dancing at the ball. He would not only kill them but brutally stomp and punch his victims to death to the beat of the songs. For this reason he became knows as the tsar’s most feared body guard… he was… Mega The Psycho.

The tsar had a daughter who’s beauty knew no bounds. Mega had caught an eye for her and the tsar did not like that one bit. The tsar had Mega beaten and told him he had used his first of three strikes. Mega tried to look away, however, after a few days he could not stand keeping his eyes off of the daughter and so he looked a second time. This time the tsar dealt him 50 lashes. He told Mega he had used two of his three strikes and if he was caught looking a third time the consequences would be fatal. Despite the tsar’s warnings he slipped up a third time and stared at the daughter. That night while Mega was sleeping the tsar’s executioner entered Mega’s chamber and gouged his eyes out so he could never gaze upon the daughter again. He was thrown from the castle into the frigid wilderness for the wolves to devour. Mega wandered for days until he stumbled upon a witch in a cave. The witch told Mega she would grant him his eye sight back under two conditions.

“1, you must cease your stomping and punching of those who don’t dance. Instead you will help these poor souls and teach them to dance. If this rule is broken, you shall be cursed with eyes that glow red and burn in your skull like fire.” cackled the witch.

“2, you will not be able to truly die and have an afterlife. You will continue to come back reincarnated when there are more poor souls who don’t dance so you may show them the way.” The witch said with a grin.

Mega agreed to the conditions and was granted his eyesight. He was overjoyed and then remembered who had done this to him… The tsar. He traveled back to the castle and waited for the cover of night. Once the castle fell silent Mega snuck inside the walls and crept over to the tsar’s chamber. He barged in and begun stomping and punching the startled Tsar until he lay still. The witch appeared and placed a curse on Mega as the the first rule of their deal was broken. His eyes began to glow and then burn hot like the castle’s torches. He screamed and begged for a second chance. But the witch was gone and so his eyes would stay that way forever.

Mega traveled around Europe teaching poor souls to dance in hopes that the witch may appear and remove the curse. but she never showed. Finally he could not take his burning eyes anymore and drank himself to death. And so he slumbered in limbo, waiting for the day he would be reincarnated and teach more poor souls to dance in hopes of removing his curse.

That day has come and he is back.

And now, here is the RESURRECTION of MEGA THE PSYCHO, in song form…

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You should probably give some play to the rest of the RESURRECTION EP.



* Seriously. Let’s see if it the MOVIE syncs up with the MIX. Will probably work better if you are high.