There’s this amazing bar night in Toronto, called DICK OR NO DICK. It’s an absolute riot and it has inspired me to put together a full hour of songs all about… you guessed it… DICK! This is going to be the filthiest episode of DAB yet. Probably ever.

– TRACK LIST – (Click linked song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:00:00 Introduction *

00:01:43 Craigslist – Holla Notes

00:03:38 Short Dick Man (Club Mix) – 20 Fingers

00:05:09 Short Dick Man (Bass Mix) – 20 Fingers

00:06:09 Smell Yo Dick – Riskay ft Aviance & Real

00:07:55 N E Tima Want – Zen

00:09:08 Frank Sinatra 2001 – Miss Kittin & The Hacker

00:10:14 Sensuous Woman Goes Disco – Jackmaster Dick

00:12:10 Is It Like My Dil-Doe – DJ EFX

00:13:45 A Bit Dixy (Peaches x Switch) – Eve Massacre

00:15:10 My Penis (Edu K Schlong Dong Silver Remix) – Larry Tee ft Perez Hilton

00:17:34 She Love This Dick – DJ Tray

00:18:32 Ding A Ling – DJ Technics

00:20:28 Clean Filth – Patton Oswalt

00:21:18 Little Girl Sing Ting A Ling – Dave Bartholomew

00:22:11 Press My Button, Ring My Bell – Lil’ Johnson

00:22:56 Lollipop Mama (Jump Mr Blues) – Wynonie Harris

00:24:30 Lollipop (Dirty) – Uncle Luke feat Lil Zane & Pitbull

00:26:00 Plenty – Zubat

00:27:48 Dip My Dick In Lean – Metro Zu

00:28:58 Suck My Dick Ho – Lil B

00:30:27 Tha D (Old Skool Romantic) [Prod by Scoop DeVille] – Count Mack

00:31:53 BDNEP2 [prod by Clutch] – TRPL BLK

00:33:08 Baby Dick – Dirt Nasty

00:34:21 Xmas Dick In A Box ’08 (Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg x Eazy-E) – A plus D

00:35:31 Put It In Your Mouth (Street) – Akinyele ft Kia Jeffries

00:36:51 P.I.I.Y.M. – DJ Flint

00:38:20 This Is What You Need – Louis Bell

00:40:35 I’ll Lick Your Pussy – The Outhere Brothers

00:41:43 All Over Your Face – Cazwell

00:43:02 Cum Shot – DJ Nasty

00:44:35 Take It In The Face – DJ Assault

00:45:00 Mix III – D.J. Funk

00:45:51 Good Enough – Stink Floyd  — FEATURED ARTIST —

00:46:56 Touch It [prod by Boss Dollaz] – TRPL BLK

00:48:00 Let Me See Ya Dick Work – DJ Funk

00:48:51 The SeXXXual Assault Mashup – Subtonix

00:49:50 Screaming – Mister DJ

00:52:03 Suck This – Bass-D & King Matthew ft XD

00:53:35 Suck My Dick – High Energy

00:54:56 Ultimate Sextrack (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix) – Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo

00:56:47 Dickie Riddim (Banginclude’s Extra Cats 100BPM bootleg) – Schlachthofbronx

00:57:44 Boom Flick (Explicit) – Aidonia

00:59:07 Do It On A Dick – Prince Santana

00:59:38 Slob On My Knob – Three 6 Mafia

01:00:27 Slob On My Knob – Skinny Friedman

01:02:03 My Dick (Gooffee Remix) – Mickey Avalon ft Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy


This anonymous producer is the most fascinating (if not down right strangest) figure to come out of the JERSEY CLUB scene yet.

Not only talented at word play, STINK FLOYD has combined influence from Baltimore, Philly and Jersey Club producers from over the last 15 years. GOOD ENOUGH switches between HOUSE, TRAP, HIP HOP and POP, defining perfection for the club setting.  So entrenched in his local Jersey Club scene, and others such as Chicago Footwork, Stink’s love for the sound, the culture and the community means he doesn’t believe in turning a profit for the music he makes. Instead his music is put out for free with him encouraging people to donate to THE COMMUNITY FOOD BANK OF NEW JERSEY.

“This is a cause which is really close to my heart. I’m going to remain anonymous not because it’s a gimmick or that I’m afraid to stand by my work, but because no one wants to meet me. I genuinely have a serious problem with my odour. Stink.”

Loving a track and donating to a worthy cause? May the stench continue!



* Can’t show you the screen, but you can see the looks of joy on peoples faces (what a bunch of dicks). CLICK THE PIC for a better explanation of how the game works.

The next DICK OR NO DICK goes down in TORONTO on MARCH 16, 2017, inside the BOVINE SEX CLUB.


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