I love ghetto music. Doesn’t matter when or where it’s from, it’s always made with passion, honesty, and urgency. Plus, it’s usually lots of fun. That’s exactly why BOOTY BASS and GHETTO HOUSE are such timeless and beloved genres of music, as long as you can handle some nasty lyrics. Warning: This stuff was made to get your posterior percolating. NSFW? F*ck your job!

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00:01:04 Partystarter #3 – Waxmaster

00:02:55 Whores In This House (Remix) – Frank Ski

00:04:29 Whores (NYClub Mix) – Office Sluts

00:06:34 Sandwiches (SpekrFreks Remix) – Detroit Grand Pubahs

00:08:25 Sandwiches – Detroit Grand Pubahs

00:09:28 Blue Monday Sandwiches (New Order x Detroit Grand Pubahs) – 2 Many DJ’s

00:10:34 Drunk As Fuck (Meterhead “Blue Mondays” Remix) – Tittsworth ft The Federation

00:11:54 Drunk As F_ck (Top Billin Remix) – Tittsworth ft The Federation

00:13:52 Booty Bounce (Royal K Remix) – Danny Soundz ft Mr Eyez

00:16:18 Big Booty Bounce – Proper Villains

00:17:44 Percolator – Cajmere

00:18:57 Booty House Anthems 2 – Side A – D.J. Funk

00:23:14 Booty Bass Medley – The Rub

00:24:50 Booty – DJ Kue

00:25:30 Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) (OHB Club Mix) – The Outhere Brothers

00:27:23 Let Me Hit It! – DJ Kevin Halstead


00:29:28 Big Ole Booty – DJ Funk

00:31:23 Let Me See Ya Dick Work – DJ Funk

00:32:46 In Her Mouf (Rated XXX) – D.J. Amar

00:35:05 Denial #69 – DJ Flint

00:36:31 I’ll Lick Your Pussy – The Outhere Brothers

00:37:46 Slob On My Knob – Skinny Friedman

00:39:55 Slob On My Cat – Skinny Friedman

00:41:06 Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

00:42:35 Guys Ain’t Nothing But Trouble – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ft Ice Cream “Tee”

00:44:14 Big Pussy Woman (The Answer) – Mixx Vibes

00:45:30 Short Dick Man – 20 Fingers

00:46:42 Fuck Me Baby – Top Billin

00:48:31 C’mon Babe (Doo Doo Brown Version) – The 2 Live Crew


00:49:43 Fuck The Pain Away – Peaches

00:50:41 Fuck Ur White Horse (Missy x Peaches) – DJ ShyBoy

00:51:38 Fuck The Love Generation – PhatBastard

00:53:41 Fuck You! (Dan Clare Extended Mix) – Cee-Lo Green

00:55:11 Fuck You – Sexy Pie  — FEATURED ARTIST — 

00:57:34 Fuk U In The Ass – The Outhere Brothers

00:58:19 In The Ass – Top Billin

00:59:15 To All My Haters – Emynd

01:00:31 !!!Hell Fuck Yeah!!! – DJ Sega

01:01:34 If You Believe In Having Sex – The 2 Live Crew


In 2002 accomplished saxophonist, Harold Todd, moved to Germany from the U.S. after touring with many legends of Rock N’ Roll. There he met producers, Patrick Kunkel and Ralf Holl, and SEXY PIE was formed. Their 2006 single, F*CK YOU, is so compelling, it should be an anthem of playful rebellion, but somehow, it has remained an underground rarity.



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