My journey, as a DJ and MC, really got its start with the blisteringly fast, kick drum led genre we know as HARDCORE. With only 7 episodes left in the DAB series, it’s only right that I dedicate an hour to the sounds that started it all for me. If you have a raving background and an upsurd sense of humour, I think you’re going to love this episode. Don’t expect a throwback set though. There will be plenty of recent stuff too. I promise a musical journey as manic as I can make it. You know how we do around here. THIS IS HARDCORE!

– TRACK LIST – (Click linked song title for FREE DOWNLOAD page)

00:01:21 Jump – Gammer & Whizzkid

00:04:00 My Everything – Baggio ft Hyperforce

00:06:15 Angels In My Head – Phenex ft Le Kat

00:08:53 Hold Your Hands To Heaven – DJ Stompy & D’Skys

00:09:50 Hands To Heaven – Twist & Helix

00:11:22 Delirious – Double Dutch

00:14:48 Season Of Mists – Pan Pangenerator

00:17:53 Bad Boy for Life (DJ Complete str8 to Chorus Edit) – P. Diddy

00:19:00 Definition Of A Badboy – Scott Brown

00:20:19 Definition Of Hardcore – Chris Fear & Whizzkid  — FEATURED ARTIST —

00:22:35  Darkzone – DJ Storm & Blade

+ How High (Acapella) – Redman & Methodman

00:27:29 Eyeopener (Scott Brown Earcloser Remix) – Brisk & Trixxy

00:28:30 With Eyes Wide Open – Willy Joy  *

00:30:44 July 2012 Mini Mix (Trap $pecial) – JiKay

00:33:29 Smoker Shake Oh My (Joker Smoker Remix) – Aidonia x Major Lazer x Party Squad x Baauer x Gachapan

00:35:40 Oh My (DJ Paul Elstak hardcore remix) – The Partysquad

00:37:15 Reasons – Intox

00:39:14 I Am Not A Likeable Guy – The Enemies  **

00:40:33 Rainbow In The Sky (Restyle & Bass-D 2013 Remix) – DJ Paul Elstak

00:43:45 We Love Lum – The Shapeshifter

00:44:59 Osaka Bombing (Excerpt) – The Speed Freak ft Wendy Milan

00:47:37 LambSketch BPM652 (Additional Orders Mix) – RoughSketch

00:48:32 Hootenanny (Yakety Saxena) – Mannik5000

00:51:26 Scott Brown Is Dead – Gobs The Zombie

00:55:16 All About Elysium (Al Storm remix) – Scott Brown

00:56:44 HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA (Lush UK Hardcore Remix) – He-Man

00:58:12 Take You Away (Sc@r Remix) – Jimmy J & Cru-L-T

01:00:26 Petite Feet (JAKAZiD Remix) – Tim & Eric

01:02:05 Count On Me (Andy C Mix) – Chase & Status & Moko


Only fitting that I feature this tune, since it inspired the name of the episode. Another stellar contribution from producer, CHRIS FEAR. What really makes this tune shine, however, is the mad flow of the man like WHIZZKID, an MC who has become thee spokesman for the sound of modern UK HARDCORE. If anyone should be suited to lyrically lay down the DEFINITION OF HARDCORE, it would have to be him.



* One of the most special annual events in the city of Toronto (CLICK PIC).

… and the rave that happens in the parking lot is always one of the most lit parties of the year (CLICK PIC).

** The greatest label in the HISTORY OF HARDCORE (CLICK PIC)


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