Bccci Main Agreement

We are one of the few T.E.S. (Temporary Employment Services) or employment agencies that specialize in human resources and have the know-how to deal with all kinds of work issues. This ensures that you don`t worry about work issues. Hi Jabulile, current salaries after www.hrcity.co.za/2019/01/24/contract-cleaning-sector-minimum-wages-2019/#more-656 are valid until January 2020. Can I ask you the prices of cleaning rates without HR City we would not have been able to control our employees and run our business. Hi Jabulani, this was published on 19 February at the following address: www.hrcity.co.za/2020/02/19/increase-to-national-minimum-wage-march-2020/ Area C covers all areas of the RSA, not in zone A or B. With HR City, our CCMA IR we have saved a lot of money. … As well as our very successful event sector, now known as Event City. Unlimited imagination. The cornerstone of HR City`s group of companies are certainly Human Resources Management Services (PMS), not only because it was created first, but also because of the nature of the services provided, namely providing our clients with relevant and current information and advice in the ever-changing field of labour law. This is the area in which most employers need help because it is a highly specialized area. Very often, and this has proven itself on several occasions, a purely legalistic approach and background is not enough to succeed.

Practical experience is an essential element in this area. Let`s get your staff or recruit. Thanks to our staff solutions with our affordable and competitive rates, we find the right candidate for your vacancy. HR City offers insights from Paralgals experts in the field of labour law, with many years of practical experience and more than 40 years of expertise in labour law, we can offer our clients clear and comprehensive advice. This is reinforced by the fact that several members of the HR City team have successfully completed the ccMA Commissioner course and are assisting and representing our clients together in more serious and complex cases. Our restaurant and hospitality sector has become a company in its own right… Let`s not make sure your employees receive statutory payslips on time, or even pay them so you don`t have to worry. Hello please help me, with price for 2019 thanks to HR City is always ready to travel to my remote operations throughout its SA. Area A includes the City of Cape Town, Greater East Rand Metro, City of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela, emfuleni, Merafong, Mogale City, Metsimaholo, Randfontein, Stellenbosch and Westonaria. From 1 February 2019, minimum wages for workers will be increased in the area of contract cleaning. In addition, it should be noted that Sector B (Kwazulu-Natal) falls under the collective agreement of the Council of Collective Agreements for the Contract Cleaning Sector (BCCCI) and that the conditions of employment differ from other countries.