Coin Purchase Agreement

(VIII) The company is not responsible for lost diamond platform or cryptocurrency tokens resulting from shares taken or omitted by purchasers. This contract for the sale of tokens (the “contract”) is an agreement between (II) the buyer who is subject to this agreement because of the purchase of tokens by the purchaser and is bound by this agreement. (1) You or the organization you represent (“buyer”) and (2) Cdiamondcoin O (registration code: 14541998) registered under Estonian law (“Enterprise”). (IX) The buyer is solely responsible for the loss of the buyer`s login data on the Diamond Network Platform account and the buyer`s private key. (III) The company is not required to recover Diamond Platform tokens. Diamond Platform token purchases are non-refundable. The buyer can lose all the sums paid. (I) The buyer reads the agreement and the white paper carefully and completely. The buyer cannot purchase Diamond Platform tokens if any of the risks in the agreement or white paper are not acceptable. (VII) The buyer has extensive experience in the use and intricacies of cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software systems. The buyer and the business are individually referred to as “party” and collectively “parties”: (IV) The purchaser does not hold any claims against the business for special, random or consequential losses or damages resulting from or in any way related to the sale of Diamond Platform tokens, including the risk-related losses defined in the agreement.

(VI) Tokens do not constitute a right of ownership, shareholding or security rights, or an equivalent right to obtain income, shares, dividends or holdings in the administration, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in the platform and/or business (except participation in the DiamondNetwork platform, as described in point 2.4 of the agreement). During the agreement, tokens are not cryptocurrency, security, merchandise or any other financial instrument. (V) Ownership of tokens has no explicit or unspoken rights as the right to use these tokens as a means of use and interaction with the platform.