Hikvision`s Software User License Agreement

7.3. Return conditions. As part of our customer satisfaction obligation, you may unjustifily and unjustifily terminate your initial order for the applicable software under this contract, providing termination and returning the applicable software to Atlassian no later than 30 (30) days after the order date of this software. In the event that you terminate your initial order in accordance with this Section 7.3, Atlassian may disable the license key that authorized the software to operate and, at your request (which can be made via your account), Atlassian will refund you the amount paid under such an order. This right of termination and refund applies only to your original order and only if you exercise your right to terminate within the aforementioned time frame and does not apply to additional services. You understand that Atlassian may in future modify this practice in accordance with Section 21 (Changes to this Agreement). The cameras in Hikvision`s 4 Smart IP series are the first to be integrated into the integration. The cameras have been designed to meet all the professional requirements of the market for efficient use of bandwidth and memory, as well as unrivalled image quality and customer friendliness. With a resolution of 1.3,2/3MP in the ball, dome and box styles, the cameras offer versatile solutions to meet the different needs of users.

7.2. Delivery. We will transfer the corresponding license keys to your account no later than we have received payment of the fee. You are responsible for accessing your account to determine if we have received the payment and if your order has been processed. All deliveries made under this agreement are electronic. In order to avoid any doubt, you are responsible for installing the software and recognize that after the delivery of the license key, Atlassian has no other delivery obligation with regard to the software. “software” refers to Atlassian`s downloadable software (currently referred to as “servers” or “data center” marketed), including mobile applications of these products. Your order indicates the software you can use. IMPORTANT: This hardware licensing agreement (hereafter referred to as “MLA” or “agreement”) is a written agreement between you (a natural entity, company or other entity, referred to as “you” and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. with all its subsidiaries (hereafter referred to as “Hikvision” or “we”).