True Up Agreement

According to Microsoft, all devices contained in EA must be inventoried in the annual true-up process, including all servers, computers (desktops, laptops and devices) and mobile devices using licensed software from the Microsoft product list. If you`re a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) customer, you`ll probably already appreciate the benefits it offers in terms of licensing flexibility to provide new hardware and software. However, since this is a trust-based contract, some commitments are necessary as soon as you end, as you may find yourself at the end of a Microsoft Enterprise framework agreement if you don`t follow the rules. G. Demands of truth. The Registered Affiliate must submit an annual true-up order that takes into account any changes that have occurred since the initial order or last order. If no changes are made, an update order should be sent instead of a true-up order. Following a software audit, Microsoft`s standard practice is to require a controlled company to purchase licenses related to “unlicensed use” calculated within a specified time frame (usually 30 days) after receiving Microsoft`s billing request. However, for companies with enterprise agreements, it is important to take into account that their EA registrations may contain real rights that could result in the deferral of certain purchases of incremental licenses, either for an indeterminate period or until the next true-up order. One of the advantages of the EA program is that you only have to count permanent licenses once a year. In other words, once you`ve added an indeterminate license to the agreement, you can make extended instances available during the year. However, you must count the number of incremental licenses provided and forward the payment to Microsoft at the end of the year. Online services are usually licensed monthly, but Microsoft allows you to place a reservation (essentially an order) during the month you start using online incremental services and defer payment below the end of the year.

Recent agreements often contain different languages. Many of Microsoft`s latest form records contain a language in which licensed products must be truated based on the “maximum” levels of usage since the previous order. Under these conditions, Microsoft may have more influence to force a faster purchase. (Even with this language, the company doesn`t have the ability to “preserve down” before the next order, but it may be able to postpone this order until the next true-up.) (iii) online services. For online services that have been classified as eligible under product conditions, the Registered Affiliate may reserve additional licenses before use and payment may be deferred until the next true-up order. Microsoft will provide a report on reserved licenses that goes beyond existing orders to the registered affiliate and its Advisor software. Reserved licenses are billed retroactively to the month in which they were booked.