Vegetable Agreement

(iii) the other party was invited, after or after the conclusion of the contract, to pay an advance on the amount of the invoice or to provide guarantees for the performance of its obligations under the contract, and does not do so. If Axia makes use of its right to suspend the performance of the undertakings or to terminate all or part of the contract, the suspension or termination is carried out by a written notification to that effect. In the event of force majeure, the provisions of item 6 of these Terms and Conditions apply to the suspension of the performance of the obligations or the termination of the contract. (ii) circumstances which give Axia good reason to believe that the other party will not comply with its obligations are brought to Axia`s attention after the conclusion of the agreement; or 9.1 Axia is entitled to suspend the performance of the obligations or to terminate all or part of the contract if: 8.6 Axia is entitled to require the other party to an advance of 50% of the amount of the invoice at or after the conclusion of a (new) contract or to obtain guarantees from the other party with respect to its payment obligations. If the other party does not pay the advance or guarantees the guarantee within the time allotted by Axia, Axia is entitled to terminate the contract without judicial intervention. (ii) Axia`s written and full acceptance of an order from the other party, unless that decision was previously revoked in writing by the other party, provided that such confirmation was signed on behalf of Axia by one or more persons entitled to conclude the agreement; or 7.1 Ownership of the goods delivered by Axia under the contract is transferred to the other contracting party as soon as the other party has properly fulfilled all obligations under the contract with Axia, including the full payment of the goods delivered. Until the transfer of ownership has taken place, the Other Party retains the goods delivered for Axia. 2.2 A contract is considered to be entered into by: 10.5 If one of the goods has a fault for which a claim has been claimed in a timely manner, Axia has the right to replace the defective goods or terminate the contract and refund the purchase price received. The option to be chosen in this context is left to Axia`s discretion. In this case, the Other Party is not entitled to any further compensation for the damages or costs incurred. (i) written and complete acceptance of the offer or offer by the Other Party, unless Axia revokes the offer or offer within three days of receiving that acceptance. If the Other Party accepts the offer or offer with minor discrepancies, these waivers are not part of the agreement and an agreement is reached in accordance with Axia`s offer; or (i) due to a delay on the part of the other party, Axia can no longer be required to comply with the agreement on the terms initially agreed; 6.4 If Axia has already partially fulfilled or can fulfil its obligations under the contract, Axia is entitled to a separate billing of the part already completed or the part to be fulfilled.