Ama Junior Doctor Agreement

Union: WADA Victoria and the Australian Federation of Medical Officers of the Salaried (Victorian Branch) both have coverage for doctors employed in Victoria. Other conditions of state attribution: Unrecognized (do not transfer other holiday rights without written agreement) The more members power we have behind us, the more we can defend your rights. Help improve working conditions in public hospitals by discussing membership with your non-member colleagues. The next step is to ensure full implementation of all agreed outcomes. This requires that the members of each site keep us informed of the progress made. So make sure your colleagues are members. Keep an eye on your emails to get the latest information on your business agreement. The employment of physicians in training in Australia will vary, sometimes significantly, between states and territories. Physicians-in-training are not employed by a Commonwealth employer such as the Department of Health and Ageing and often have to alternate between different employers in the state and territory as part of their training. This has led WADA`s regional and local authorities to develop, in collaboration with WADA`s Federal Labour Office, a guide that provides basic information to this group of collaborators.

It is important to note that this is not a complete industrial instrument and should not be used as a substitute for individual industrial orientation. This document is designed as a guide that will help physicians-in-training understand different government systems and be armed with questions and instructions to obtain more information. AMA/ASMOF subsidiaries are able to provide members with copies of relevant information and answer specific industry questions. Once the proposed agreements have been developed, the Department of Health and Human Services will present the proposed agreements for final government approval before a worker vote is held in accordance with the Fair Work Act. Any changes to the current rules will be implemented as soon as possible. The contracting parties to this agreement agree to meet as soon as possible in order to reach a final agreement by 12 January 2018. It is possible to negotiate payment terms or rates of pay, but if you rely on this negotiation before accepting an intergovernmental position, make sure the details have been provided in writing by your new employer. In the absence of a written agreement, the terms of award will probably be considered your right and nothing. A bonus/agreement is the basis of all wages and conditions for workers covered by the classifications it contains, i.e.: