Au Pair Agreement Finland

For au pairs staying more than 6 months in Finland, apply for a Finnish tax card at the local town hall (Maistraatti). Type of contract: There is no standard au pair contract. However, it is advisable to terminate the contract in writing. A written contract is required for au pairs from third countries, as it is necessary to apply for a residence permit. Travel expenses: Travel expenses must be paid by the au pair, but many families decide to pay part of the fee. It is also customary to provide the au pair with a monthly ticket for local public transport. Language course: The au pair is required to take a Finnish or Swedish language course during her stay in order to apply for a residence permit. The family must give the au pair the opportunity to take a language course. But it`s up to the family to decide whether they pay or not. As an au pair, you may be expected to do light housework for up to 25 hours per week. You must have at least one full day off per week and two consecutive days off at least one week out of two.

Your host family should give you enough time to take language courses and for your cultural and professional improvement. Your status as an au pair is comparable to that of a family member. You participate in the day-to-day activities of the family and your daily work must not exceed the amount of household chores and child care provided by other members of your family. If, for some reason, you can no longer work and live with your host family, you can change your host family without applying for a new residence permit while your residence permit is still valid. You can work as an au pair in Finland for up to one year. A renewal permit will not be granted for work reasons as an au pair. If you wish, you can apply for an extension for other reasons. You can live in Finland on an au pair status for up to one year. According to the Finnish Immigration Service, you can stay in Finland with au pair status for up to one year. During this time, Migri says, you can assume that you only do “light housework” for up to 25 hours a week.

Holidays: It is common practice for the au pair to have two days off per month in accordance with Finnish labour law. If the au pair`s licence has been issued in a country that has signed the Geneva or Vienna Convention on road transport, the licence is also valid in Finland. For more information, visit the Finnish authorities. You`re homesick, the kids don`t like you, and you just want to get home as fast as you can? Get comfort and advice from other au pairs in our community! And with our nearBy feature, you can immediately see which other au pairs can live nearby and meet them. Future host families can check with local authorities and au pairs can check with the Finnish Embassy. The temporary residence permit must be applied for at the Finnish Embassy or the Consulate of the au pair country and the applicant must receive a visa label on his passport before travelling to Finland. Registration fees must be paid by the au pair and cannot be refunded if the final residence permit is not issued.