Assumption Of Risk Agreement And Release

It goes without saying that as an intern or service learner, the duration of the authorization and release is valid for the entire duration of my internship and / or service-learning, as documented and recalled in my internship contract. FOR VOLUNTEERS, INTERNS, SERVICE LEARNERS & EVENT PARTICIPANTS, I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THIS RISK-TAKING, THE EXEMPTION OR LIABILITY AND THE EXEMPTION AGREEMENT AND I FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENT. I AM AWARE THAT THIS IS AN EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY AND A CONTRACT BETWEEN ME AND HOMES4FAMILIES. I SIGN THIS DOCUMENT OF MY OWN FREE WILL. Homes4 Volunteers must be at least 16 years old when power tools/equipment are used on the construction site. The signature of the parents is mandatory for volunteers under 18 years of age. I give irrevocable permission to HOMES4FAMILIES, its legal representatives, on my own behalf or in any other way, use, publish and reuse, publish and reuse, publish and republish, publish and republish images or similar images (together the “Images”) of my children and/or other minors for whom I am legally responsible, without limitation to any modification or modification. In addition, I will maintain Homes4Familits, its representatives, successors and assignment recipients, regardless of responsibility or related to the images above. I confirm that I agree with the indication of my email address to be registered on the Homes4Families email list. .

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