Central Bucks School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

Teachers in the Central Bucks School District and other professionals in their 1311-member union will receive total salary increases of between 16 and 29 percent for the duration of a new four-year contract approved by the school authority at Tuesday night`s meeting. This news organization was not immediately successful in trying to reach school board president Glenn Schloeffel or teachers` union president William Senavaitis for comment. “Nothing in this regard prevents the school board from increasing the superintendent`s annual remuneration beyond the percentages set,” the agreement reads. If the contract is approved by both the board of directors and the union, it would replace the current four-year contract and would take effect on July 1 and continue until June 30, 2022. It calls for total wage increases of 3.2%, as well as level and column movements in different locations over the four years. Step movement is a vertical movement in a salary matrix based on years of service, and column movement is a horizontal movement based on university credits and degrees acquired. The proposed new agreement, which runs from July 1 to June 30, 2022, will cost the borough an additional $13.9 million over its term. “I think the agreement on Bill 93 is fair to our administrators and in line with our budget restrictions,” Kopicki said. The entire 66-page interim contract and one-sided summary are available on the school district`s website for verification, cbsd.org.

The inter-union is due to vote on ratification on Wednesday and the school board will vote on the deal at its June 26 meeting.