Mannik Monday: In Defense of Breakcore

Mannik Monday: In Defense of Breakcore

Hey it’s a monday in a month and I’m posting something!

A while back Pete posted a terrible breakcore tune and said something about breakcore being terrible. Well I disagree, to me, breakcore is the truest modern expression of the crazy, off-the-wall, sample-heavy, sometimes tongue-in-cheek , straight-up mental attitude of ¬†proper 92 breakbeat hardcore. I think…

Some stuff!

Hey everyone, it’s DJ Mannik! Sorry the blog has been quiet lately, Gobs has been on the road and I have been busy/lazy. To hold you over till the next proper post, here are some youtubes!

First, here’s an oldskool rave/breakbeat hardcore mix I did a couple years ago.


Hey guys its me! Mannik! You know what that means, it’s time for Mannik Monday! Sure it may technically be tuesday, but, applying the logic I learned smoking weed with dudes who have too many Bob Marley posters, it’s like.. always monday somewherrre, mannnn.

Ok, so I’ve posted before about how dance music has been going…


Hey internauts it’s me, your infuriatingly infrequent guest poster, Mannik! The clever among you may have noticed that its nearly not monday anymore, that’s because this week in a move I totally planned and am not pulling out of my butt…


Greetings and salutations, dead kids. It is I, your intrepid sometimes blogger, DJ Mannik. I have something special ALMOST READY for you, but not quite, so in the meantime have these somewhat randomly selected tunes.

Squire of Gothos
are always fantastic if you want that reckless oldskool vibe in a new school bassline/garage context. This…


Hello everyone, I’m DJ Mannik from Toronto and I write posts here now sometimes.

If you haven’t heard, last week mixmag declared…