Lab-4 is coming back! – By Tamerax

Lab-4 is coming back! – By Tamerax

Happy new year everyone! Yes, I know it’s already February but I haven’t written anything this year yet so deal with it!

So, if you know anything about hard trance, then the headline of this…

Hitting It Hard In The Summer With NG Rezonance by Tamerax

Hard Dance is REALLY blowing up in North America these days.  Hardstyle in particular seems to be really developing a massive following here with big…


Ah it’s that time again for a dose of some Hard Dance news from your pal, Tamerax. I’ll confess, this article is going to be less…


Happy new years everyone! It’s been a while but I’m back to bring you some exciting Hard Dance related articles….

It’s The New Style! by Tamerax

You know how they say what’s old is new again?  Dance music has a habit of revisiting its past during periods of “creative…

Clayfacer: Reaching New Heights by Tamerax

Happy leap year everyone! I’m starting this year off by continuing with my series on amazing Canadian hard dance producers.   This time around we have another HUGE up-and-coming talent that is making a giant splash on the international stage. From Lethbridge, Alberta comes another rising Canadian star: Clayfacer!

Aaron Olson: Canada’s Rising Hard Dance Hero – By Tamerax

During my travels playing some shows across Canada, I’m happy to say I’ve met some really great people. Occasionally, I’ll meet someone who shares a lot of the same feelings about music and the Canadian music scene as I do.  One such person just happens to be on the forefront of the Canadian EDM scene….

Canada’s Scratchin’ Hard Dance Master by Tamerax

I love Hard Dance. I REALLY REALLY love a fast and hard yet euphoric tune. Songs full of energy with a stomping beat that makes the dance floor explode.  In a scene where if it doesn’t have a wobble or play at 120BPM, to  say that out loud will garner me a few funny looks…