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TOP 10 of 2013

It was such an amazing year for music, that I had quite a difficult time narrowing it all down to a TOP 10 LIST. After many hours of number crunching, and 2 full hours of BASS & ELECTRO podcasts, I’ve finally arrived at the 2013 edition of this annual DKGL tradition.

DEAD AIR BASS 010 (BEST OF 2013!!!) ((JANUARY 2014))

Take an hour out of you New Year’s Day to join me in running down THE best in BASS music from the year, 2013. At least we’ll have some killer tunes to pump while we nurse our hangovers, and we won’t have to suffer alone.

DEAD AIR ELECTRO 016 (BEST OF 2013!!!) ((DECEMBER 2013))

This aint gonna be no Beatport top 100 list. There’s enough people doing that. No, this is gonna be an hour of fun bootlegs, qwerky remixes, and amazing originals, all by artists who dared to stand out from the crowd, in 2013. It’s Christmas Eve. let’s get festive!