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DEAD AIR BASS 017 (HALLOWEEN RECAP!) ((November 2014))

Another Halloween season has come to pass, and once again, we’re left with nothing but some fuzzy memories, crappy candy, and great music. This month’s episode is not for everyone. I’m catering to the heavy bass loving, Halloween fanatic! If I just described YOU, then I hope you plan to check out the broadcast….


ZOMBIES and MOOMBAHCORE are 2 of my favourite things. If only there was some way to put them together…


Here’s his BIO: “well if this is the only way i can get girls to dance…


I know very little about Toronto’s PHILTH. All I can say about him is that his name is Phil, and he’s been making some amazing sparse and fractured DUBSTEP. Some of it is very chilled and groovey, while other tunes are absolutely, well, philthy!