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DEAD AIR ELECTRO 030 (Featuring DJ SHOK) ((APRIL 2015))

The DIRTY 30! Naturally, this is gonna have to be an intense show. To make it so, I’ve employed the help of the busiest DJ in the Toronto underground, DJ SHOK. He’ll be championing his new SUBGROUND sound, and pushing vodka shots on everyone. This is gonna be next level filthy!

DEAD AIR ELECTRO 029 (SUBSPACE EDITION with Craig & Warmuffin) ((MARCH 2015))

I just moved back to Toronto, and there’s such a buzz going on here about SUBSPACE. It’s a fetish themed club night, and also an enviable dungeon studio. I’ll be joined by its owner and creator, CRAIG, along with his resident DJ, WARMUFFIN, to school me on the sites and sounds of the Subspace experience….


A couple years ago, I kicked off the January show with a set of the freshest and newest tunes in my collection. I’m thinking we should do it again. This is gonna be a weird show, covering a wide spectrum of different sounds, so if you’re in the mood for something straight-forward, maybe you…


If I had my way, I would be touring all over the globe right now, hosting Zombie Proms. It’s my true calling. In Toronto, on May 17, that calling will be realized.